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15 Dec - 2022

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The sweetness of Christmas is all to savor with Dolfin and Walcor confectionery products dedicated to Barbie, Hot Wheels and Polly Pocket.

The most wonderful and charming time of the year is coming: Christmas. The Christmas season is a truly magical time for both adults and especially for children: the anticipation of advent in fact is filled with wishes and the joy of opening presents under the tree together with loved ones.

In addition to the presence of gifts, Christmas is the time of year known for sweets and treats of all kinds found in homes. To experience the Christmas season with a tasteful twist, we will also find the a number of unique and quality products dedicated to Barbie, Hot Wheels and Polly Pocket under the tree.

Here are the new Dolfin and Walcor confectionery products signed Barbie, Hot Wheels and Polly Pocket.

Walcor Polly PocketWalcor Polly Pocket 2Walcor Stockings

Undoubtedly unmissable are the stockings with sweets that Walcor has dedicated to Polly Pocket, an iconic brand that has made toy history, beloved by both mothers and little girls. The great adventures of the world’s best-known micro doll await little fans in the Walcor stockings offered in two variants, full of yummy sweets and of course with fantastic surprises inside.

Chocolate Barbie doll

Dolfin, to make Christmas even more special dedicates its latest yummy and original novelty to Barbie: a hollow doll made of milk chocolate, an original idea that combines sweetness with play. Inside the silhouette, children can find a personalized Barbie surprise.

Santa’s sack

It’s not always just toys in Santa’s sack, but also sweet treats if you choose Dolfin’s Santa’s Sack dedicated to Barbie and Hot Wheels. Inside, in addition to a selection of sweet treats, an incredible toy surprise (Barbie: Gummies with assorted subjects, Hot Wheels: toy car with launcher).

Barbie and Hot Wheels Mini Stocking

Dolfin’s 50g Mini Stocking returns this year in a Barbie and Hot Wheels version: along with chocolates, gelees and gummy candies, boys and girls will find an incredible personalized holographic sticker inside.

calza 2 HWBarbie and Hot Wheels Maxi Stocking

To wait for the arrival of the befana, Dolfin also offers a Maxi stocking format (235g), containing sweets of all kinds and a super surprise: in the Maxi Calza Barbie, boys and girls will find a fantastic stencil+pencil drawing kit, while in the Maxi Calza Hot Wheels, children can touch the thrill of Hot Wheels challenges.

Barbie and Hot Wheels Stocking 190g

Barbie and Hot Wheels also find space in this classic version of the stocking: 190g of sweetness and fun, thanks to the toy car with launcher in the stocking dedicated to the Hot Wheels flamed challenges and the nail stickers dedicated to the most famous fashion doll ever.

Barbie candy bags

Dolfin has also thought of the sweet tooth little girls who don’t give up being fashionable all the time. Coming under the tree 3 super glamorous models of purses with sweets for the most fashionable little girls to be simultaneously “sweet and fashionable” even under the tree.

panettoncino hotwheelsChocolate Panettone

For those who love chocolate, this Christmas they can indulge in Dolfin’s 100% chocolate panettone. Made for both Barbie and Hot Wheels, this cake is made entirely of chocolate-a treat for the palate. The heart of this chocolate cake hides a fantastic surprise.

Non-slip sock with candy

For Hot Wheels and Barbie, Dolfin also made cute and colorful non-slip socks. Children will thus be able to keep their feet warm while savoring the Dolfin sweets contained in the package.

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