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15 Dec - 2022

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Meta chooses the Politecnico di Milano to carry out an independent academic study on the metaverse: a research project for which Meta will invest 2.5 million dollars throughout Europe.

Meta has chosen the Politecnico di Milano to carry out an independent academic study on the risks and opportunities of the metaverse, as a part of a project that involves Meta investing $2.5 million in Europe. In fact, thanks to the XR Programs and Research Fund, academics from seven European countries, including Italy, will examine how metaverse technologies will interface on issues such as privacy, security, inclusion and the future of work.

It is estimated that the metaverse will lead to the creation of unprecedented assets, skills and professions, with a significant economic impact in global scenarios. However, the founding elements and critical success factors, as well as the tangible implications on the economy and society, are yet to be fully understood.

The study by the Politecnico di Milano wants to analyse the economic weight and social value of the metaverse, framing its emergence in a systemic perspective: its impact on individuals, society and the economy will be mapped using Italy as a practical case study.

Giuliano NociThanks to its immersiveness and spatial character, the metaverse will revolutionize the way people interact with content and with each other, by virtue of the reduction of cognitive loads linked to learning processes and the possibility of making any media experience more engaging. And it is precisely in this perspective that the importance of carrying out a systematic study of its effects to qualify opportunities and threats for industrial and social systems can be deduced; in particular, the scientific community can play a significant role in identifying the fields of application and their impact on the Italian and European economy“, says Giuliano Noci, scientific director (together with Lucio Lamberti) of the study at the Politecnico di Milano.

The metaverse will be the result of a collective effort, which is why we believe it is essential to share our thoughts with authoritative third parties who can offer important food for thought. We could not be more proud to collaborate with the Politecnico di Milano, an academic institution that has been leading a privileged observatory on this issue for some time. We hope that their research can offer tangible elements to make the metaverse a social and economic opportunity on a global level“, says Angelo Mazzetti, Head of Institutional Affairs of Meta in Italy.

The metaverse will change the way people connect and businesses grow; it will lead to social experiences that bring us closer together than has been possible online to date. However, the technologies that will make up the metaverse will have to be inclusive and people will have to feel safe to be able to use them: since no company will own or manage it independently, collaboration and cooperation will be necessary.

The Meta XR Programs and Research Fundsupports global projects and external research that seek to explore how to build the metaverse responsibly. Through this fund, Meta works with industry partners, civil rights groups, governments, non-profit, and academic institutions to help determine the risks and opportunities of the metaverse.

Its current European partners include, among others, Women In Immersive Tech, which supports women and underrepresented groups leading the virtual, augmented and mixed reality sectors in Europe, and The Youth Bureau, which aims to uplift the voices of young in the development of the metaverse.

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