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7 Dec - 2022

Limited edition Ghostbusters Plasma Series Ivan Reitman action figure auction set to take place on December 12, proceeds to benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Sony Pictures Consumer Products today announced the auction of a limited-edition action figure in the likeness of Ghostbusters legend Ivan Reitman. The auction will be live from 9am PST to 9pm PST on December 12; fans can participate in the virtual event by tuning in to this website. All proceeds will benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Ivan Reitman hasbro ghostbustersIvan Reitman was one of the co-creators of the iconic Ghostbusters franchise, directing and producing Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II (1989). The filmmaking icon was a notable supporter of charitable causes, giving back to local communities throughout his life. As such, his charitable spirit became a hallmark of the Ghostbusters franchise, with fan groups around the world giving back to their own communities in numerous ways, using their love of the franchise to raise funds for local charities.

The limited-edition Ghostbusters Plasma Series Ivan Reitman 6” action figure by Hasbro wears a classic Ghostbusters flight suit and is geared up with both bustin’ and directing accessories including a proton pack, neutrona wand, plasma stream, movie clapboard, and a detailed recreation of the megaphone Ivan used while filming on the set of Ghostbusters. The figure comes in a premium box designed to look like Tobin’s Spirit Guide and will include a certificate of authenticity; it is one of only two figures created.

Ghostbusters fans are tethered by a sense of community that has united the franchise for decades“, said Jason Reitman, son of Ivan Reitman and fellow Ghostbusters filmmaker. “My father lost his childhood home at the age of four and fled to Canada as a refugee. He would be honored by his very own action figure serving to help Children’s Hospital Los Angeles“.

The auction coincides with an incredibly exciting chapter of Ghostbusters history, with forthcoming theatrical and animated content in development, including a sequel to the smash-hit, Ghostbusters: Afterlife and two new offerings from Sony Pictures Animation: the first-ever Ghostbusters animated movie and a Ghostbusters animated series, both currently in development.

Beyond the auction, fans of the franchise can shop the extensive selection of Ghostbusters consumer products online. From Hasbro, fans can find one-of-a-kind role-play items, the latest action figures and collectables, and movie-inspired accessories online.

To register for the December 12 auction, please visit this link.

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