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2 Dec - 2022

Tags from the story: Eggelbusch, emoji® - THE ICONIC BRAND.

Eggelbusch teamed up with emoji -The Iconic Brand and developed two presentations of ‘Brühwurstpastete’ made of pig meat, that not only taste good but also look good, ideal for every day meals.

The happy face is embedded into the products making it attractive for all target ages. The products have an eye catching packaging, which represents the typical style of the emoji brand, full of color, freshness and fun, that adds value to this product aside to the high quality recipe and a special taste experience.

Eggelbusch delivers a brand message across the market – to express yourself through your meal, just like how we express ourselves daily using different digital icons.

The products are available now and can be found in selected meat counters and food retailers in Germany.

The Eggelbusch X emoji brand collaboration is a truly fun and expressive partnership to make all ‘Brühpastete’ lovers out there feel happy when having enjoying the products from Eggelbusch“, say Marco Hüsges, CEO of the emoji company.

It´s another great execution and proof how well the emoji brand works in the F&B segment.

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