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1 Dec - 2022

Some major companies have prepared many licensed novelties for Christmas 2022, including action figures, construction and educational toys, dolls, and soft toys.

Street TurtlesThe Loyal Subjects (TLS) has the best offering of new action figures for Christmas 2022, within its BST AXN line.

Many products are dedicated to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, e.g. the limited edition x IDW with Walmart, featuring action figures of the turtles associated with a comic book. Then there are the Street Turtles, exclusively at Target, featuring accessories such as skateboards, pizzas and boomboxes.

Avatar 4-Pack Action Figures, inspired by the hit Nickelodeon show Avatar: The Last Airbender!, is aimed to recreate the exciting adventures of the four strongest benders of their generation, Aang, Katara, Zuko, Toph.

Harry Potter The Ministry of MagicLego’s Christmas new arrivals include Cole’s Dragon Cruiser, from the TV series Ninjago, with a set featuring lightning blades, 2 shooters, 4 large wheels, and minifigures of Kai Drago, Cole and enemy General Aspheera. From Marvel’s new film Black Panther: Wakanda, Shuri’s Sunbird set, featuring two engines, folding wings, two shooters, and the minifigures of Princess Shuri, Ironheart MK1, spy Nakia and Attuma. The Harry Potter The Ministry of Magic set is a faithful scale reproduction of the Ministry of Magic, with authentic accessories such as the red telephone booth and the stacks of The Daily Prophet newspaper.

IMC Toys has designed the new Cry Babies First Emotions Dreamy, which expresses all its first emotions, more than 65, including realistic movements and sounds. In the same line, the collection of the 12 Vip Pets Glam Gems dog dolls, and the 6 Vip Pets Cats, each contained in a special thermochromic reveal capsule, which includes many surprises. The Cry Babies Best Friends Forever present 8 teenage dolls, in a pack-case with clothing and accessories.

Me contro te - Cutie DollThe Giochi Preziosi Group presented its novelties for Christmas during the Assogiocattoli Digital press day. These include the Charlotte M. e-watch, which takes selfies and records videos, and features personalised Charlotte graphics and lots of mini-games; the Me contro te Happy Break, an ice cream mini playset with the Sofì doll; the Me contro te Cutie Doll pack in the shape of a half-heart, which can be combined with another half of your choice to create your own favourite couple, choosing from six different Sofì and Luì mini-dolls. Can’t miss the Epiphany socks, to spend this special day with lots of fun toys from favourite characters Gormiti, Bing, Pinocchio & friends, Charlotte M., Me contro te.

For Grandi Giochi, the new 25 and 45 cm Jurassic World plush, which reproduce different dinosaur specimens.

Flextreme SpideyFrom the Simba group, the new 25 cm plush toys in collaboration with National Geographic, depicting wonderful animals such as the green turtle and the emperor penguin. With Spidey’s FleXtreme Set, thanks to the FleXtreme mechanism, the toy car does not tip over and can do laps of death without falling over. The pieces that make up the track are so flexible that you can run the track… anywhere!

Black Panther Claws of WakandaHasbro has released the Claws of Wakanda, from Marvel’s new Black Panther movie: mimicking Black Panther’s iconic pose, they activate battle mode with lights and sounds “unleashing” the power of vibranium! From the meeting of Nerf blasters and the video game Minecraft comes Pillager’s Crossbow dart launcher. It works just like a real crossbow and, thanks to its 3 barrels, you can quickly load the 3 supplied darts and launch them in sequence.

In Orsomago Group, the Puzzle 4d brand presented the beautiful three-dimensional puzzles The Castle of Frozen, 73 pieces, and The Iron Man Helmet, 92 pieces.

Baby Mickey Prime StorieAmong the preschool novelties, Clementoni proposes Baby Mickey First Stories, a very sweet soft toy that tells four stories, one for each different moment of the day, from waking to the bed.  Each is associated with one of the 4 picture books included and is characterised by a repeated key word to encourage learning, made even easier by a slow pronunciation.

Lisciani triumphed at the Toys Awards 2022 in the Preschool toys category with The house of Montessori games, a large fabric house with lots of educational games based on the Montessori method.

Curated by Rossella Arena

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