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24 Nov - 2022

Tags from the story: Kintana, Pea&Promoplast.

Pea&Promoplast, a historical production and solution development company in promotion & loyalty, toys and licensing, is increasingly feeling the need to update the digital offer for its customers. This is why Kintana was  founded, the company that will be 100% focused on digital proposals.

Kintana was born in September, a company that will support and expand the digital part of the business of Pea&Promoplast, the leading company for 40 years in the design, production and development of solutions and physical products for the promotional and publishing market.

Pea&Promoplast, which has doubled its turnover in the last two years, is the first company in the entertainment sector to elevate smart the  physical products  through a link with the digital device, which engages the user in an interactive Phygital experience. With the new Kintana digital competence center, Pea & Promoplast wants to increase and accelerate the group’s value proposition by enhancing the focus on digital.

KintanaA people-centric ecosystem

Kintana is a young company that has a strong component of know-how in terms of user experience and creation of codes for mobile applications. It aims to be a people-centric ecosystem, placing the customer and the end user at the center of an immersive and innovative digitization process, creating vertical experiences for each individual user.

Through Kintana’s advanced gamification and loyalty tools, the partners will be able to take advantage of accurate data collection, obtaining a deep and detailed knowledge of their end consumers with a tool capable of implementing and rationalizing all engagement activities for gamification projects , to enhance loyalty or corporate CRM.

kintanaThe growing importance of data

Gianluca Aprile di Cimia, president of Pea&Promoplast, explains that with Kintana data recognition will become increasingly central: “Let’s start with a simple axiom: Data=Knowledge. Information on your end consumers and therefore the construction of a proprietary database are now essential for building a winning marketing strategy, increasing efficiency and increasing revenues.

Between 2023 and 2024 the use of third-party cookies will end and the cost of leads will increase significantly: companies will have to become increasingly data-driven, own the data, know how to interpret and use it“.

logo tata kintanaTATA app and TATA AI

Kintana already has two major assets, TATA app and TATA AI. TATA app is a dynamic digital environment based on an innovative engine that allows you to turn on – or off – according to the different needs of consumers, single modules of digital immersive experience.

Viola Mandes, Sales Manager of Kintana, specifies: “The goal of the TATA app is to provide the customer with a powerful digital tool for tracking user data and habits, through sophisticated logics of gamification and loyalty. It can be used by both adults and children, which is why it goes very well with the players in the entertainment market, whether these are publishers, toy companies, promotional agencies or FMCG“.

TATA AI is an artificial intelligence designed and trained to work with children as well. With the proprietary algorithm, it is able to build an unedited and unique story based on the input provided by the user (be it a photo, image or words).

Also in this case the goal, which Kintana proposes, in addition to the pure moment of fun in using it, is to collect the habits and preferences of the users by creating buyer personas that are as defined as possible.

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