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14 Nov - 2022

Many products, novelties and timeless classics, from Mattel licensees, will make Christmas unique and original, just like Barbie.

Since 1959, with Barbie, little girls and boys can be anything they want: a true icon in terms of empowerment, she has always been able to reflect the trends and styles of the moment, covering more than 250 careers to inspire little girls to always believe in their dreams. With Barbie, playtime becomes more and more creative and inspiring, which is why the iconic doll, who in 2023 will star in a film dedicated to her in movie theaters, cannot be missing from Santa’s letters.

Lisciani Giochi

Barbie Print Cam

Lisciani’s Barbie instant camera is designed to create and print photos with fun effects and is the ideal gift for capturing Christmas vacation memories. Very easy to use, it allows you to make videos and collect and share photos with friends. Also, thanks to the dual camera, it allows you to take selfies. Included in the package are fantastic frames and Barbie stickers to personalize photos. Also included in the package are three rolls for 180 photos to print and a card holder to expand the memory.

Barbie Fashion Atelier

For years one of the “evergreen” and most beloved products for little girls. A light table as a base for creating many patterns and complete looks for Barbie. Inside markers, stencils, patterns, folders to collect the best creations, glitter and everything you need to give free rein to your imagination, flanked by the Barbie included in the package

Barbie Fashion Boutique

The most fashionable little girls will be able to play stylist with Barbie and build a real dream boutique thanks to this incredible cardboard set by Lisciani: in addition to a Barbie, included in the package, many accessories to arrange inside the boutique spaces, including mannequins to show the collections.

Barbie Dream Summer Villa

With this set, little girls can have fun building and decorating Barbie’s real vacation home made of cardboard: easy to assemble, perfect to customize with many accessories and with unique and characteristic environments such as the pool, veranda and barbecue area. It could not miss, included in the package, a fantastic Barbie.

Mondo Motors

Barbie Dream Car

Lots of full-throttle adventures with a real dream car in full Barbie style: Mondo Motors dedicates to the iconic fashion doll a radio-controlled and customized Dreamcar convertible with the unmistakable Barbie logo, to bring little girls – with their dolls – directly behind the wheel of adventure, accompanied by the glamorous touch of the most beloved fashion doll ever.

Grandi Giochi

Barbie NataleBarbie Mega Kitchen

New from Grandi Giochi, this is a brand new super-equipped kitchen with which little girls and boys can feel like real chefs and unleash their imagination at the stove. The playset recreates a kitchen in all its details, with a stove, shelves, oven and microwave, along with many accessories with which to indulge in creating tasty and different dishes and delicacies every day! Cooking with Barbie has never been so much fun!

Barbie Mirror

Another incredible novelty for true beauty lovers is Barbie’s Mirror. Little girls will be able to take care of themselves and feel like real stars with this playset that resembles a dressing room mirror, with a stool and bench on which to place an array of fantastic accessories included: necklaces, earrings, make-up and much more to make themselves beautiful every day and experience in play the emotions of divas in front of a red carpet.

Barbie Rainbow Sparke Deluxe Styling Head

Little girls who love to invent hairstyles will find the Rainbow Sparke Deluxe Styling Head from Great Games the ideal gift for experimenting with new hairstyles and styles that are always fashionable. Barbie’s colorful hair is waiting to be styled with the hair accessories included in the package. You can attach the sequins to Barbie’s hair: just insert them into the applicator, place it on Barbie’s hair and press the button! Little girls will also have fun transforming Barbie’s makeup: by applying ice water to her lips, lipstick will appear! To get a natural lip effect instead, just apply warm water to see the transformation. Younger girls can also use the hair accessories! 30 accessories included.

Barbie NataleBarbie’s Coffee Shop

Little girls will be able to feel like the owners of a colorful coffee shop and serve their friends treats and drinks thanks to this beautiful set equipped with lots of themed accessories signed by Grandi Giochi: sweet muffins and tasty cappuccinos are certainly not to be missed here, for sweet moments of play together.

Barbie Cash Register

One of the evergreen toys of Christmas, one of the most beloved by little girls, who can imagine flanking Barbie as a store cashier, thanks to this strictly pink cash register that actually works. The cash register contains 52 accessories including bills, coins, food coupons and credit cards to meet the needs of all customers.


Barbie Popup Tent

Even though winter is here, you won’t give up your passion for travel with this Barbie tent by ODS. Barbie’s Dream Camper is graphically reproduced on this popup tent with which little girls and boys will be able to invent ever-new games and stories, at home, in their bedroom and even outside the house as the warm weather arrives.

Dino Bikes

Barbie Bikes

For those who love nature rides, Dino Bikes’ Barbie bicycle (available in different sizes: 12″-14″-16″-20″) is the perfect Christmas gift. Little girls will enjoy safely exploring nature with this sporty and attractive looking bicycle, which brings back all the iconic Barbie colors, from white to the unmistakable pink with doll carrier included.

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