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10 Nov - 2022

The creative concept of CALL ME UKRAINE brand was born around the key values that ordinary Ukrainians proved during the first months of the war.

About the charity brand

The brand is based on the real but extraordinary events. For example, a woman saved disabled dogs from occupied Irpin in Kyiv suburb; a therapeutist from occupied Bucha assisted the baby’s delivery and helped the injured; a lady disabled a surveillance drone with a jar of homemade preserved tomatoes and so on. These stories and heroes narrate the new collective image of what the Ukrainian values are and what the spirit of Ukraine is. Consumers of the CALL ME UKRAINE licensed products are everyone who supports Ukraine and shares the values. The graphics is most suitable for adults and teens.

The idea behind the brand

call me ukraineThe main colors are blue and yellow as the Ukrainian flag. All characters are based on real people with their stories. Every object is symbolic. For example, it’s not just a plane, it’s the biggest cargo aircraft in the world, Mriya. And it has been destroyed by Russians.

The name Mriya means Dream, in fact Tetiana Ruban, CEO of Nerd agency (FILM.UA) said: “They can destroy the plane but not our Dreams. Even the font is ‘Mariupol’ to honor the half-million city Mariupol that has been wiped out, and its defenders. During the first weeks of the war lives, needs and priorities changed dramatically. Defenders, policemen, firefighters and doctors were making obvious impact. But what about brand licensing industry? In conditions of goods shortage, clients’ marketing budgets being cut, companies trying to evacuate staff to safe places, it looked like brand licensing was not needed at all“.

Also, Tetiana Ruban: “At first, I felt useless and was trying to volunteer in different ways. But I kept thinking, how we could implement brand licensing to help in this situation. And during one of the sleepless nights, I had an idea to create a licensed brand in support of Ukraine and, in this way to fundraise“.

Why this charity brand

Tetiana Ruban also explains the reasons for this charity brand: “We do not collect royalties. All payments are to be made directly from licensees to the charity funds. In this way we ensure the transparency for all parties. In addition, there are tax discounts for companies that donate for charity in many countries. As we understand that social responsibility theme should be suitable for a company/brand, we picked a range of recommended funds that cover different topics. The licensees can donate specifically for defenders, medicine, women, kids, veterans, refugees etc“.

With CALL ME UKRAINE brand, Nerd Agency want to attract attention to Ukraine in a positive way and fundraise.

During the BLE, Nerd Agency presented CALL ME UKRAINE to several global licensees and got very positive feedback: “They mention that they like the design assets. Moreover, we are flexible regarding the stylization or adaptation of artworks if the product needs it, which is an advantage. In addition, they appreciate totally transparent charity aspect. All companies we pitched this brand to, said that they are open for further negotiations“.

If interested in CALL ME UKRAINE, contact Nerd Agency.

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