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10 Nov - 2022

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Barbie and Clementoni: line of educational games to celebrate the STEM world!

Since 1959, Barbie has inspired girls and boys to be whatever they want. Barbie has always been an inspiration. The iconic doll over time has been able to become not only a reference point for style thanks to the countless looks of her wardrobe, but has also become a role model covering countless careers, many of which in the STEM field (scientist, astronaut among many): the intent is to continue to be an inclusive reference point for girls and boys for their dreams and their future aspirations. The brand Barbie joins Clementoni, Italian brand of exception when it comes to educational games, to create a series of products designed to celebrate the STEM professions, thus increasing the passion for the study of science in children.

Barbie VeterinariaBarbie Veterinary

For all the girls and boys who dream of taking up the veterinary profession, a fantastic Barbie kit to dive into the discovery of this beautiful world! It contains all the tools and information about the veterinarian’s job, what he does and animals. Inside the kit molds and plaster to reproduce animal models, a special paste to model footprints, anatomical tables and many animal information papers. A perfect game to explore with Barbie this beautiful profession, designed for girls and boys who love animals and want to take care of them. Made in Italy.

Barbie Space ExplorerBarbie Space Explorer

With Barbie space has no boundaries thanks to a scientific kit to discover what life could be like on another planet! A special vertical spatial base to be built for different experiments: from botanical activities to the study of minerals. Included in the game also a mini rover to be assembled to encourage space exploration and many stickers to customize the models. Included in the game also a model of Barbie astronaut with whom to live fantastic adventures. The manual guide step by step in the experimentation and provides many useful information and curiosity about life in space.

Barbie TerrariumBarbie Terrarium

A fantastic kit to create your own miniature ecosystem with a truly fabulous setting, in perfect Barbie style! A game to entertain children and teach them the importance of taking care of their plants. Contains chalk, vacuum and tempera to create a fantastic camper and a tent for real explorer. With the seeds, the peat, the soil, and the decorative pebbles, children can have fun recreating a natural landscape. A customizable game and everything to decorate to embellish your bedroom.

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