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3 Nov - 2022

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The playsets of the MEGA Green Town line arrive in Busy Bees kindergartens and preschools in Italy.

The theme of sustainability and environmental education returns to be central in the new phase of the collaboration between Mattel and Busy Bees.
The partnership between Mattel and Busy Bees began last May, with Mattel’s involvement in one of the most important Busy Bees projects on the occasion of World Bee Day. The Bee Art project, designed to encourage children to gradually approach the world of bees and insects, included artistic workshops conducted by the educators of the Busy Bees childhood centers which led to the creation and decoration of Hotel Bug, real hotels of useful insects , purchased thanks to the contribution of Mattel, subsequently sold at auction to allocate the proceeds to the adoption of beehives.

The Bug Hotel is a refuge for the weakest and most vulnerable species that creates a real micro-world in balance. It looks like a simple house but takes on other forms and can contain different types of materials, it hosts insects in danger and therefore supports pollination and protects crops from pest attacks.

Education to respect the environment is a common value that Mattel shares with Busy Bees and hence the choice to continue to support Busy Bees kindergartens in a new phase of the collaboration that coincides with a special moment of the year: the dedicated one. per year to the environments of the little ones in kindergarten. The environment is a particularly important time for the child and the family. A time dedicated to knowing, discovering and trusting. For the child it is a time to become familiar with kindergarten, get to know other children, educators and learn the routine and also for the parents it is a time of acquiring knowledge and accepting the separation from their own.

In this new phase of the collaboration, the Mega Bloks Green Town playsets become protagonists in support of the environmental education of children in the Busy Bees kindergartens and preschools in Milan and Chieri: a first phase of the project involves the use of the material during the period of acclimatization, during which children are offered different centers of interest to familiarize them with the environment by exploring materials that arouse their curiosity. In this phase the MEGA Green Town constructions will be fundamental as a tool to capture the interest of children and encourage them to give free rein to their imagination. The playsets will be available to children in schools and will encourage their cooperation and socialization as play tools to be used during the moments of “free play”. During this second phase, children will be involved in dedicated workshops and encouraged to create stories focused on respecting the environment thanks to the characteristics of MEGA Green Town products.

The MEGA BLOCKS Green Town™ construction sets, in fact, support children to imagine their future through play and immediately acquire ecological behavior / green schemes through recycling, the use of electric means of transport and protection. of honey bees and the choice of renewable energy sources. The Green Town Line, the first line of Carbon Neutral certified toys, perfectly meets Mattel’s goal of reaching 100% recycled, recyclable and bio-based plastic materials by 2030 both in the creation of products and in packaging.

The MEGA BLOKS Green Town line is perfectly suited to the growth needs of children in BUSY BEES kindergartens and preschools. In fact, Busy Bees has always been careful to select safe materials and above all that do not have a negative impact on the environment to include, from the first months, children in the importance of what is sustainable for the health of our planet and does not give life. to waste. This is why the playsets of the Green Town line, produced with eco-sustainable materials and capable of children’s curiosity on very important issues, support the training of people capable of making responsible and informed choices in building their future.

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