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25 Oct - 2022

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KidsBeeTV and LooLoo Kids inked a new licensing deal to bring the YouTube sensation Johny & Friends Musical Adventures to KidsBeeTV.

Lea and Pop, another IP from LooLoo Kids (on the KidsBeeTV catalog since 2020) is also part of the deal. The kids’ streaming platform has acquired worldwide distribution rights for the series in an agreement that comes on the wheels of the non-stop acquisition program that KidsBeeTV has in place.

“Our mission is to give our users (both kids and parents) deeply engaging good-quality content. We are constantly searching for safe, educational, and fun shows that kids love to watch. LooLoo Kids shows are a perfect example of that. We are glad to have them on board.”, says Hugo Ribeiro from KidsBeeTV. There is no doubt about how engaging Looloo Kids Nursery Rhymes are. On YouTube, Johny & Friends has more than 50 million subscribers and already reached the huge mark of 29 billion views. Lea and Pop, a coproduction with Anima Kitchen, may not be as successful as Johny & Friends, but still, it has an impressive 359 million views on YouTube. LooLoo Kids’ nursery rhymes, lullabies, dancing, and singing-along videos are even used to support kids in learning a second language”.

KidsBee TVJohny & Friends

Most of the musical adventures of Johny and his friends take place in two locations: the grandpa’s farm, and the family house, located in a nice neighborhood in the suburbs, both inspiring a calm and well-backed development.
Johnny is a joyful and curious baby, eager to explore the world around him. Nevertheless, for him, nothing compares with the joy of playing with his sister Mary and with Max, the family dog.

Lea and Pop

Lea and Pop has also this family framing. The main characters are two siblings who love music. Lea is five years old and she’s a real star: she dances, plays instruments, and sings. The one-year-old Pop enjoys dressing up as animals and, although young, he’s able to recognize and follow the songs’ rhythm, and also helps with the melodies. The new content will roll out over the course of October.

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