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8 Sep - 2022

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Always on the top in manga sales and in brand awareness studies, Naruto celebrates in 2022 the 20th anniversary of its anime, the adaptation in animation series of the successful manga of Masashi Kishimoto.

As a reminder, the Naruto universe is composed of three animated series (Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and the continuation of the story with his son: Boruto) with more than 1,000 episodes today, 11 films, more than 65 video games and more than 100 licensees in Europe covering all products categories.

NarutoIn France, Naruto is a real phenomenon starting with the manga. Volume 1 is once again the best-selling manga of the year (GFK-2021) with more than 2.8 million mangas sold in 2021, which represents one manga sold every 10 seconds! At the end of 2021, the number of Naruto manga sold in France reached 24 million copies and this number continues to grow in 2022. Indeed, this year also marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of the manga in France by Kana, which celebrates the event with the release of a new unpublished prestige edition that will boost the publications of the famous ninja for the following years.

Naruto is always on the top in brand awareness studies. According to a study conducted by BrandTrends in April 2022, Naruto is the 5th favorite brand of the French between 12 and 18 years old (all categories, mixed, cited spontaneously), the 2nd favorite entertainment brand of the same target and the 5th favorite entertainment brand of the French between 7 and 14 years old. Still in France, Naruto is in the top 4 of the brands that are growing the most among children, along with Nike, PSG and Mbappé, the only non-sports brand. The most dynamic target is men aged 15-25 with 84% awareness. In this target group, one man out of two is considering buying a Naruto product soon. Naruto is also very dynamic among women, with 80% awareness among 15-25 year olds. Naruto is also very popular in the rest of Europe. If we focus on the 15-25 year old category, Naruto is the 6th favorite brand for German men and the 8th favorite brand for Polish men. In Italy, Naruto reaches 79% awareness among men and 76% among women, again among 15-25 year olds. Finally, in Spain, Naruto is 83% known among men aged 15-25.

NarutoAround the world, it’s the 20th anniversary of the anime that is celebrated with many activations scheduled around the date of Naruto’s birthday: October 10th. In Europe, the rights of Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and Boruto licenses are managed by Mediatoon Licensing which assures that nobody will be able to miss Naruto this fall! In France, many operations are planned at retailers for the end of the year and an exceptional movie concert will create the event. The Naruto Symphonic Experience is an original montage of the best moments of the first 220 episodes with an orchestra of 50 musicians who will perform live the greatest songs of the anime. The first dates are scheduled at the Grand Dôme in Paris followed by a tour in France. In Belgium, an exceptional exhibition is planned at the Belgian Comic Strip Center for the fall.

In general in Europe, the releases of Naruto products will be remarkable at the end of this year, covering all product categories. Indeed, Playmobil has announced the launch of its first collaboration with Naruto Shippuden and the release of 12 figurines of the iconic characters of the series. Stay tuned to your favorite Toys and Games retailers, many products are likely to catch your attention for your year-end gifts. On the textile side, 2022 is already marked by numerous capsules and collabs at Celio, Courir, Mizuno or Don’t Call Me Jennyfer among others, but it doesn’t stop there with many releases already scheduled. In Publishing, we can note many releases that are spread throughout the year, including cookbooks, activity books for all ages, encyclopedias or a new album of stickers to collect at Panini. 2022 is also the beginning of Naruto food products with the release of mocchi, energy drinks and drinks made from black tea infusion. On the fast food side, a big operation is planned from December 2022 in a big chain in France. So 2022 is a rich year for the Naruto universe and 2023 is already shaping up to be a dynamic year with many product releases already scheduled!

Specialist in comic book and japanimation licenses, Mediatoon Licensing is the licensing agent of the Media-Participations, 4th largest French publishing group and European leader in comic books. Marsupilami, Lucky Luke, Bobby and Bill, Yakari and many other iconic characters are developed in merchandising, promotional operations, theme parks, escape games, shows and musicals throughout the world. Mediatoon Licensing has also a large portfolio of well-known licenses from Japanese animation, such as Naruto, Boruto, Hunter x Hunter, Fairy Tail and Assassination Classroom, which are present in all product categories in Europe.

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