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1 Sep - 2022

Entertainment X Tracks is a one day of Pitch Sessions by entertainment licensors designed specifically to provide licensees and retailers an overview of new entertainment available for licensing. The event is organised by Steven Ekstract, one of the major expert of the industry.

LM asked Steven Ekstract, organiser Entertainment X Tracks, how it works and its main goals. The event will take place in Los Angeles on November 14th.

What is the main goal of the event?

After two years of no face-to-face licensing industry events, licensees and retailers need more in-person live gatherings where they can learn about new properties available for licensing. The pandemic caused significant disruption to our Licensing ecosystem, which demands face-to-face meetings between Licensing partners. This event is very focused around Pitch Sessions for our audience to learn specifically about these entertainment properties. It is not a general licensing conference to teach people about licensing, rather it is for already existing major licensees and retailers that are looking to acquire new licenses.

Similar to what the major Hollywood studios do on the Monday before Licensing Expo, but it will feature next-level, cutting-edge content, all under one luxurious roof in Beverly Hills. Attendees will receive breakfast, lunch and refreshment breaks as well as a closing cocktail and networking reception. Essentially, we are creating a Forum where these entertainment producers can present their content to a concentrated audience of qualified buyers.

The event will enable major licensees, retailers, and international licensing agents to get a preview of the newest digital entertainment available for licensing from the next-level entertainment companies.

And what is the target in terms of audience participation?

Our main target is based on major licensees, retailers, and international licensing agents.

Could you anticipate some of the topics and speakers of this edition?

UTA Head of Research will present on the latest trends in digital entertainment. Presentations will be from Sony Pictures and Sony Interactive, YouTube Kids, Viz Media, Fox Entertainment (new studio controlled by Fox Broadcasting) and two additional presenters not yet announced.

How will this event be included and considered in the main industry agenda?

The industry will vote with its wallet. It is purely up to our audience. If it is successful, we will hold more of them for different areas of licensing. In March, we met with several of the largest licensees here in the U.S. and asked them for what they wanted in face-to-face events. This event has been very specifically tailored to their needs. They want brief presentations of new content with significant licensing potential and this what we will offer, 6 months far from Licensing Expo.
They told us very specifically, “Bring us new IP we don’t know.” They very specifically outlined their needs and we have tried our best to tailor our Forum to them.

Finally, we are providing a beautiful venue at United Talent Agency’s Worldwide Headquarters in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA. It is a dedicated campus with its own state-of-the-art theatre and separate indoor and outdoor spaces for dining, meeting, and networking. Beverly Hills is quite famous for its luxury boutiques, hotels, and restaurants. For our first X Tracks Forum, we wanted to be sure our attendees are relaxed and comfortable.

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