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23 Jun - 2022

Tags from the story: Make It Real.

A selection of summer products from the two accessories and toys companies

Make It Real specializes in all things DIY and fashionista for girls 8-18. The Summer 2022 Line-up offers the Jewelry Art Gift Station, to create friendship bracelets and artful cards to give as gifts and keep some for yourself! The Cottagecore Floral Locking Journal helps to capture ideas and dreams through words, drawings or both, thanks to its 192 lined pages. The outside decoration depicts the ultimate irreverence for classic floral on the #cottagecore movement complete with a lacy page marker. Includes a fun glitter charm pen, and gem lock with 2 detachable keys. Sticker Chic line presents temporary tattoos for shoes but includes also bead charms and shoelaces. Available in the variants Rainbow Street, Juicy Couture and Butterfly Bling.

There are many butterfly-themed products! Butterfly CosmeticsSet, to transform your look from head to toe with butterfly hair clips, nail stickers to top off a lavender polish mani/pedi, and a lip wand. Butterfly Deluxe Journaling Set comes complete with an artistically designed journal filled with 1 sheet of stickers, 2 sparkly, multitone erasers, two gel pens and 2 interior sticker pages. Butterfly Ombre Canopy is a pink and purple ombre style canopy, perfectly sized to fit over twin, full and queen-sized beds or denote a special sanctuary within a larger space, thanks also to 30 iridescent butterfly accents.

Butterfly Away Travel & Cosmetic Set is a great zip-up travel and makeup carry case, to fly away effortlessly with included lip gloss tube, pink nail polish and eyeshadow pallet with 4 trendy colors as well as a zippered pouch for empty bottles to “to-go” portions of everyday favs like shampoo or conditioner. Butterfly Garden Chalk Set can turn any sidewalk, driveway, or outdoor wall into a canvas, with colorful chalk sticks and butterfly shapes. Butterfly Lap Desk is cushiony, comfortable and has handy slots for your tablet, phone and pens.

The fidget toys by NeeDoh are appropriate for anxious tendencies and help to promote focus. These groovy globs have taken over the internet with over 127M VIEWS on TikTok!

NeeDohs make a great gift and are perfect to bring to school, party favors, those with special needs, an addition to the office.

Blue Dohnut by NeeDoh

For Summer 2022, the company proposes Happy Snappy, a new NeeDoh squish with a one-of-a-kind squeezy snap sensation. Available in 4 assorted colors, it has a satisfyingly addictive sound. Stickums is a pack of 12 small groovy globs in an exciting assortment of glow-in-the-dark colors. A light air fill and sticky skin allow you not just to give them a good squeeze, squish, pull, or smush; you can throw it on a wall, or any flat surface to watch the groovy roll down. Marble creates a pattern of bright neon colors, in 3 funky designs. Dohnuts are stretchy squishy takes on the tasty sweet treat. They come in an assortment of 3 neon-colored donuts with 9 different frosting styles. Cool Cats Dohzee is the purrfect cat-shaped squish ball. This cozy new companion is comfortable enough to cuddle and adorable addition to any room decor.

Curated by Rossella Arena 

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