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21 Jun - 2022

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The shop features limited edition products and a bar

For the European debut of its chain of shops, Coca-Cola has chosen London, where in the setting of Covent Garden, the Coca-Cola Flagship has opened. The area was not chosen at random. There you can find fashion shops, theatres and the Royal Opera House. A neighbourhood where one can meet foreign tourists and Londoners eager for entertainment.

Well, to conquer the tastes of such a diverse target group, Coca-Cola has created an offer that combines the prestige of the brand with a unique shopping experience. In its shop, one can buy both sports and workwear collections, and accessories such as bags or glasses made from recycled materials and limited-edition collections signed by British designers or artists. One example is the collaboration with Soho Grit to create Coca-Cola-branded sneaker shoes (visible on the outside and inside) and men’s clothing co-branded with Alma de Ace.

In short, a range of products combining the aesthetics of Coca-Cola with the most fashionable brands across the Channel.


But a Coca-Cola outlet could not lack a bar to serve the drinks and, besides booking drinks, customers can personalise the tins and glasses with wording or symbols such as their own name, the name of their partner or aphorisms.

In addition to the focus on products and sales mechanisms, Coca-Cola also took into account the promotion of the shop’s activities. As London is a city sensitive to inclusivity and artistic activities, it chose LGBTQ icon Tayce for the shop’s opening and dancer Nifé for product advertising on social medias. All of these solutions can capture the customer’s attention by conveying the brand across multiple elements.

Around the world, there are Coca-Cola branded shops with similar formats, such as in Las Vegas where vintage items can be found. Thus, between innovation and tradition, the flagship represents an attraction that goes beyond commerce.

By Matteo Melani

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