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15 Jun - 2022

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With the upswing in tourism, several companies have set up new retail spaces with innovative solutions to capture the attention of tourists and travellers

Like Heinemann Duty free, which opened a 316 square meters shop-in-shop at Frankfurt Airport. The shop is located inside the duty-free shop and offers clothing, watches and jewellery. Besides the décor with selected materials (oak and brass), what enhances the sales experience is the display. For example, in the men’s department, items are arranged according to gender logic. Shirts and ties are on the same shelf, while cufflinks (for shirts) and Montblanc pens are on the same display. In short, an arrangement suitable both for those who need only one item and for those who need complete outfits such as business travellers.

Digital-signage devices are also able to improve the effectiveness of brand communication. 


In addition to tried-and-tested products, the newfound circulation of passengers has prompted several brands to focus on emerging lines. Like L’Oréal, which announced the opening of its first Valentino Beauty shops at John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport of New York and San Francisco Airport. The collection includes make-up and perfumes inspired by the famous fashion house, and even the shops echo the products’ graphics. The space has been set up with neon lights and as soon as you enter you immediately notice the two predominant colours: Valentino pink  and red (used for the packaging). In the shop are Voce Viva perfume diffusers and a voice-printing service to record messages for sharing or sending them.  The format bears the signature of Valentino’s creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli. 


With the new lockdown in China, clothing has lost a lot of sales coming from the big spenders. Well, to make up for lost ground, travel retail can reach all audience categories. On 13 May at Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport, e-commerce brand Gate Zero opened a shop for luxury and streetwear. In addition to the brands with which it has partnered, Gate Zero also allowed smaller manufacturers the opportunity to display their garments in the airport shop. 

Gate Zero’s goal is to offer exclusive products for all age groups.

Matteo Melani

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