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9 Jun - 2022

Tags from the story: Arcadia Srl, Nicoletta Costa.

Nicoletta Costa: the world of Nuvola Olga meets Arcadia Srl for the creation of a brand new product line

The world of Nuvola Olga, one of the many iconic characters born from the pen of illustrator Nicoletta Costa, meets the entirely made-in-Italy quality of the Bologna-based company Arcadia Srl to create a brand new line of products. Characterising the line, whose products range from birth bows to baby booties, photo albums, boxes, doudou, tummy warmers and much more, will be Nicoletta Costa’s illustrations, all original drawings that will embellish and personalise a collection designed for babies but also for mothers.

Arcadia’s “Il mondo di Nic” line will contain more than 15 references that will be available in over 1000 points of sale nationwide from June 2022 and marks the birth of an important collaboration, which on the one hand enriches the product profile of the Bologna-based artisan company and, on the other, expands the portfolio of products dedicated to the universe of Nicoletta Costa’s characters already available on the market. The agreement between the illustrator and the Bologna-based company starts with this collection and will develop over the next two years, with six-monthly releases of new products that will regularly enrich the exclusive line signed Nicoletta Costa.

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