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9 Jun - 2022

Let’s see in this article what’s new from Spain by El Ocho

El Ocho is a leading Spanish Licensing Agency, which represents and manages classic and well-known brands such as Asterix and Mafalda, until brand-new phenomenon as Cocomelon, Blippi and many others. Let’s see in this article what’s new from Spain by El Ocho.


Cocomelon is the world’s number one children’s channel on Youtube and the first educational channel on this popular application, with a whole series of children’s animation and a global potential, including impressive figures. Other breaking-record numbers include an average of more than four million views per month, over 102 billion views and 102 million subscribers. As if that wasn’t enough, after its inclusion in the Netflix streaming platform, it has reached the Top 10 charts in the United States for 258 consecutive days, and in the United Kingdom it has appeared in the Top 10 charts for 98 consecutive days. 

In Spain El Ocho has signed licensing agreements with well-known licensees and manufacturers in the national and international market such as: Air Val (shampoo/hand sanitizer/hand soap/ toothpaste), ATTA, CefaToys (Toys), EDUCA (educational games), Leya (publishing), Panini (stickers/trading cards/stick and stack), Play by play (3D cushions), Safta (BTS), and Penguin Random House (educational books). All this work is supported by Bandai as official Distributor of the Jazwares Toy line. 

El Ocho is adding more and more licensees to its impressive and growing lineup of partners. The main goal of the agency is to position Cocomelon as the children’s favorite preschool brand in Spain. 


Blippi is one of the most popular children’s TV series in the Moonbug portfolio. Blippi is enthusiastic and energetic; he is the children’s best friend and involves them into play in each video. He is the “fun guy” that kids look up to and the ideal friend to have the best adventures with. He is naturally clumsy and makes the kids laugh. He teaches them about the world, inciting their curiosity and having a unique style – he wouldn’t be himself without his hat, glasses and shoulder straps! 

With more than 90 episodes already available, and more than 30 hours of content, Blippi is one of the most successful TV series for the children. It is available on the main streaming platforms such as Netflix, Youtube, Prime video and has a great global reach. 

Since El-Ocho has been appointed to manage Blippi, the agency’s goal is to encourage the brand growing every day, thanks to its potentialities. So far El-Ocho has achieved already some great results in the digital platforms where the brand is present, starting with Toy Partner as Master Toy.


Simon is a French preschool animated TV series aimed at children between 3 and 6 years old, inspired to the books by Stephanie Blake. In just a few years since its TV launch, Simon has become a “star” for children thanks to its funny stories. The add values of Simon are evident. Among them, we could quote joie de vivre, family healthy life, positive education, brotherhood, friendship, playfulness, competition and fair play, a sense of wonder and respect for nature, and curiosity about everything! 

Since El-Ocho has been managing the brand, it has achieved several deals in different product categories such as: Famosa (plushes), Educa (educational games), Safta (BTS), Random House (educational books), General Juguetes (outdoor), Zero Oito (magazines), Jugavi (personal care).

Thanks to El-Ocho management, in the upcoming months Simon will be part of the event My First Festival by the hand of Lemon to be held at the Wanda Metropolitano football stadium in Madrid on June 11th and 12th. Simon will also participate at the Panda Channel Festival scheduled for June and July this year. 

Dragon Ball 

The incredible ongoing success for many years of Dragon Ball has made it to become an icon in the world of anime and manga, and of course in the world of licensing. El Ocho has witnessed its success since its appointment as agency back in 2015, watching closely how every day it has become a reference point in the manga world and a “success’ case study” in the licensing industry. 

El Ocho has obtained licenses with well- known apparel brands such as Zara, Bershka, Pull and Bear, Sprinter (sport clothing), Tempe (footwear), Comic Studio, and Sun City (T-shirts, Sweats, pajamas). In addition to the apparel category, which gives the brand a great exposure touching all targets, El Ocho continues to increase its licensing program with more than 27 licensees among which are: CyP, Educa, Grupo Erik, Karactermania, La Casa de las Carcasas, Panini, Play by Play, SD, Stor, Viving and many more. 

Furthermore, we will work closely with the marketing departments of the distribution in Iberia to give greater visibility to Dragon Ball during the Spring, Summer, BTS and Christmas campaigns, with a prominent presence at the Manga Show 2022 as in previous years. 

My Hero Academy 

Considering the popularity of manga at these times, another of El Ocho’s big bets is My Hero Academia, since its appointment in 2021. This brand has sold 50 million comics worldwide, of which 10 million only in Europe, as well as a fast- growing licensing program. In addition, MHA has a strong presence in all the major distribution channels, both online and offline. 

Since El Ocho manages this property, the growth of the licensing program has been spectacular. In less than a few months, the Spanish licensing agency has signed together with the following partners: Comic Studio (apparel/accessories), Grupo Erik (notebooks/calendars/posters), Jugavi (Toiletry bags, bath sets and cosmetic sets), and Karactermania (fashion bags/ bags coin purse /card holder). 

For 2022, El Ocho’s goal is to increase licensing agreements and sign with the main retailers in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. 

On the other hand, El-Ocho will work closely with the marketing of the main retail companies in Iberia to give a greater exposure to the brand during crucial periods as the Spring, Summer, Back-to- School, and Christmas campaigns, with a prominent presence at the Manga Fair 2022. 


Since El Ocho has started managing Mafalda in 2003, it has signed deals with the major textile retailers in the Spanish market and has collected more than 30 licensees within its rich and long-lasting licensing program. 

Mafalda, the girl who hates soup and worries excessively about everything that happens in the world around her, but always with the hope that someday it will be fixed and world peace will be definitely achieved. 

Mafalda is one of the most outstanding classic brands that El Ocho has been managing for so many years and that has been always very successful. 


Another great classic brand that El-Ocho has been managing for years is the well- known Asterix comic cartoons.
Since El Ocho has been managing the brand, it has reached agreements with different licensees to further expand the Asterix licensed consumer products offering and thus broaden its licensing portfolio in the Iberian territory. 

Among the licenses that El Ocho has achieved to expand the Asterix licensing portfolio, it’s possible to highlight: Barrado (plushes), Grupo Erik (posters, year calendars, agendas etc.), Lefties (apparel), Really Nice (apparel), Salvi (home shoes), S Gramage Hogar (bedding), Women Secret (apparel).

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