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31 May - 2022

Tags from the story: Barbie, Ravizzoni.

An adult and a kids line of trolleys and beauty cases dedicated to the iconic fashion doll

The holidays are coming and why not always take Barbie with you? The iconic fashion doll, who has managed over time to be a valid reference model for little girls and boys thanks to her countless careers and also an icon of style, now becomes the protagonist of a special line of trolleys and beauty cases signed by Ravizzoni.

Ravizzoni is an Italian company that has been making luggage products since 1977, with special attention and care in the choice of raw materials, with the aim of satisfying the consumer through a robust, light, safe and functional product.

Ravizzoni’s quality this summer meets Barbie’s glam: the luggage brand dedicates two product lines to the iconic doll, one adult and one kids, designed to meet the different needs of travellers and Barbie fans, young and old alike.

Both the Barbie Adult and Barbie Kids lines are available at https://ravizzoni.com/

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