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27 May - 2022

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New partnerships, gaming releases, sustainability initiatives…  the Smurfy world is always full of exciting news! 

The Smurfs is a well-known brand with an unstoppable big international success, born from the little blue characters created by Peyo in 1958. The cute creatures are known around the globe thanks to movies, tv series, video games, licensing partnerships and their original tool, comics and books. Here are the latest news from their amazing world. 

New collaborations

The Smurfs love to create exciting partnerships to continue expanding their world. Like the one with Cluedupp Games, the world’s leading geogaming events company. IMPS and CluedUpp Games have recently announced a brand-new licensing agreement. In 2023, in many city-wide events, players will immerse themselves in a unique experience which combines augmented reality with the physical world to turn their hometown into the setting of a brand new Smurfs adventure. Exploring city streets, solving wacky challenges, and meeting their favourite Smurfs characters along the way, players will attempt to save the day from the evil wizard Gargamel.

Events are scheduled to take place in more than 800 cities and over 20 countries worldwide. Tickets will go on sale to the public from October 2022. 

A brand new collaboration concerns The Smurfs x Healthy Lifestyle Brands & Growve to create Smurfs Gummy Vitamins for kids. A tasty and fun way to help support children wellness. 

For the apparel, the coloured RomWe X The Smurfs summer collection is now available worldwide. 

A new official Smurfs webshop is going live in September, managed by The Wildflower Group. TWG is a strong partner with the ability to quickly create new POD products and apply integrated marketing communication strategies across all digital channels.


There are plenty of novelties about gaming. A New Videogame with Microids will be a Smurf Kart game for the whole family to play together! It is slated to be released next fall on Switch and next year on other consoles. The Smurfs Magic Match by PopReach Corporation is now also available in French and German. A worldwide update of our hit game has expanded to meet a growing audience base, while continuing to develop fun game levels and of course, rewards for the dedicated fans. Concerning NFTs, you can expect more fun for fans and gamers from the collab with The Sandbox, a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the blockchain. Smurfs avatars will drop in the Alpha Season 3 of The Sandbox metaverse in June.


Season 2 of The New TV series will air worldwide starting this fall on Nickelodeon (TBC), and will follow on other free channels. Thanks to a new partnership with Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Animation, new Smurfs Movies will be realized soon. The first movie is slated for December 2024 and will have a special Musical touch!


For the Smurfs, sustainability is a very important issue, to which they are dedicating style guides and they are keen to disseminate in every way, from the smallest as the Whatsapp themed stickers developed with Bare Tree Media, to initiatives of a certain depth. Such as the annual appointment EU Beach Clean Up. This year the campaign to protect marine life will be both online, with the ACT NOW app, and live, with beach cleaning events being organized all over the blue planet. This year’s edition will have a special focus on Youth, because 2022 is the #EuropeanYearOfYouth! It will start the second week of June and last during a month. The Smurfs are also proud members of Products of Change, the global educational hub aimed at driving sustainable change across consumer product markets and beyond.

2023: an important year

2023 will be the year of the Smurfs’ 65th anniversary, and our blue friends are already preparing many initiatives. On the licensing front, a special style guide will be released for the occasion… more details to come soon!

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