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19 Apr - 2022

Passport to Oz offers access to a rich Web3.0 universe for all fans of the timeless Oz story with the ease of a familiar Web2.0 experience

Bureau of Magic (BoM), IP owners and creative producers behind the animated Emmy Award-winning Lost in Oz series, are set to launch the Passport to Oz, a membership-based community-powered experience built on the blockchain that invites fans to be a part of the continuing Oz story through a “Lost in Oz” lens. This innovative storytelling experience is aimed at fans of both L. Frank Baum’s timeless Oz story universe and the award-winning family favorite animated series.

In tune with the BoM’s ethos of story and technology in sync, the Passport to Oz utilizes new technologies, innovative storytelling, and strategic partnerships – harnessing the power of blockchain to deliver exclusive animation, toys, and immersive fan engagement across the franchise which will be accessed via the Passport to Oz digital collectable tokens (NFTs).

For the ambitious storytelling project, BoM has assembled a contingent of creative partners in an unprecedented collaboration. The Passport to Oz enlists the know-how of Simba, a pioneering blockchain infrastructure company; Bluescape, a visual collaboration and online whiteboard platform; and the Toybox 3D-printing platform.

Purchase of the Passport to Oz NFT unlocks a world of Ozian utility and value for all ages. This includes an exclusive animated short film starring Dorothy and Toto, digital toys and collectibles optimized for 3D printing, and access to a yellow brick road map full of other digital and physical surprises. Should NFT sales reach their target, each Passport to Oz becomes an early access movie ticket for the next Lost in Oz animated feature film. Through fun innovation, the whole family will connect and contribute to an Oz story like never before.

On the animated content, BoM is working with animation studios to utilize next generation tools and combine real time rendering technology with traditional key frame animation.  The short film continues the adventure for existing fans of “Lost in Oz” and welcomes new fans who have never seen the show.

Working with partners Toybox, BoM has developed a 3D-printable toy line, an initiative which aligns with the “Lost in Oz” co-viewing, co-play ethos. Toys will include printable Dorothy and Toto action figures and collectable magical elements.  BoM is working with Bluescape to unite and collaborate with this distributed team of creatives and partners around the globe.

“The Oz books are multi-generational, timeless stories that have been shared and enjoyed by families for over a century,” said Executive Producer Mark Warshaw. “Through our co-viewing series, “Lost in Oz”, and now with the Passport to Oz we remain true to these values and the rich history of the Oz storyworld.” Warshaw added, “It was always our goal to create a community-powered Oz that embraces creative independence and technological innovation, and now we can realize that vision.”

The Passport to Oz is an inclusive celebration of the Oz story,” said Executive Producer Abram Makowka. “It’s an easy entry point for kids and families to dive into a magical storyworld we’re building within Web 3.0.” 

In addition, all former and current “Lost in Oz cast and crew* are eligible for an exclusive, ultra-limited “Emerald Edition” Passport to Oz digital collectible. “The Bureau of Magic may be the credited creators of this series, but we aren’t the only people who put their heart and skills into the story, and we want to recognize thatsays Warshaw.

BoM has decades of experience pioneering the early adoption of new storytelling platforms. Co-founder and Lost in Oz Executive Producer Mark Warshaw created network TV’s first streaming series and its first animated mobile series (for The WB/CW’s “Smallville”). He is one of the first executive producers to be nominated for Emmys for two hit series on two different streamers (“Lost in Oz” on Amazon and “East Los High” on Hulu). The transmedia work he produced for the NBC series “Heroes” won the Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media. The BoM team has also created and developed digital, interactive storytelling experiences for the NFL and Coca-Cola.

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