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6 Apr - 2022

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Publishing, edutainment, news: these are the keywords of the continuous evolution of the Letrabots’ world

Letrabots is a registered trademark of Cicaboom s.r.l., born from the ingenuity and creativity of the company’s three founding partners, realized in a project that goes beyond the simple marketing of toys and reaches the production of entertainment and publishing-related content.  

Since 2016, the Letrabots universe has been constantly evolving, developing editorially over time to create a narrative that, in parallel with the release of toy lines, has been enriched with new stories, characters and adventures. The Letrabots narrative first kicked off in comics sold at newsstands, followed by a web series on Letrabots’ Youtube channel which immediately achieved huge success. The creation of Letrabots universe, based on transformable toy robots, allowed children to follow the adventures of their heroes across different media.  

Letrabots is the company’s flagship property developed through cross-media storytelling, distributed across different platforms such as comics, web series, social media, and even a very successful TV series on the main kids channels.  

The Letrabots land on TV

In 2020, Letrabots extended its reach by entering the world of TV with a 15 x 3-minutes comedy series, broadcast on K2 in Italy and on Boing in Spain. The series achieved incredible success, with excellent ratings on K2 and it has been appreciated so much that children asked for more: more episodes, more action, more opportunities to follow their heroes in their incredible adventures. 

Cicaboom has not backed out: an agreement is already in place between the Genoese company and Mondo TV for the release of a new 26×13-minutes action series in the second half of 2023. Unlike the 2020 series mainly based on comedy, the new TV series will feature adventure and action, while including the cornerstone of Letrabots storytelling: the edutainment, meant as an educational aspect presented in a fun and engaging way. In fact, the special powers and stories of the main characters will be revealed, allowing children to immerse themselves in their adventures even further.  

With this action TV series, Cicaboom will give life to new, exciting parallel surprises within the toy line, which will be enriched with products oriented towards the creation of a narrative universe in which to make children dream.

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