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30 Mar - 2022

“The Animal Planet collection” includes sweatshirts, pants, pajamas and bed sheets for children from 98-128cm (3 – 10 years)

Poland’s biggest retail chain, with over 3,000 stores, has just launched an Animal Planet fashion collection with Carbotex, thanks to a deal with DeAPlaneta Entertainment and Discovery. “The Animal Planet collection” includes several models for children (sweatshirts, pants, pajamas and bed sheets) and all products have a –GOTS / Global Organic Textile Standard / certificate which means that the products are made of 100% high-quality organic cotton.

The Global Organic Textile Standard is the world’s leading standard for certifying textile products. When buying products with GOTS certification, we can be sure that a given textile product has been produced responsibly. The GOTS standard guarantees that the certified product has been manufactured with respect for the natural environment and human rights.

Animal Planet’s mission is to celebrate and explore our vital, enriching and ultimately human connection with the animal world. We are part of the animal kingdom and share behavioral traits with animals in the same way they share behavioral traits with us.

The line have been launched in selected Biedronka stores on 21 March, and be supported with special actions by local influencers.

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