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25 Mar - 2022

Hit animated kids’ series to premiere with Earth Day Special on PBS

Mondo TV Studios, part of Mondo TV Group – one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content – and global family mega-hit maker Kenn Viselman (Teletubbies, Thomas the Tank Engine), who is responsible for over $25 billion dollars in commercial success, are to partner to bring Mondo’s award-winning world-wide phenomenon MeteoHeroes to the United States and Canada.

On April 22, 2022 the MeteoHeroes make their broadcast debut on PBS with an Earth Day Special. A companion series, Real Superheroes Don’t Wear Capes, executive produced by Kenn Viselman, will premiere in late summer 2022.

MeteoHeroes has already sold into 144 countries and 22 languages. In Italy it is now among the most successful Cartoonito children’s series of all time. It has enjoyed similar success in Spain on Clan. The World Premiere of the second season of MeteoHeroes (52 episodes x 13 ‘) will air on Cartoonito in Italy in April 2022.

The award-winning series, which was recently honoured at the 30th annual Kids First! Film Festival, is about a group of six pint-sized superheroes, each of whom represents a different continent and a different natural element. Working in tandem to fight climate change disasters, our fearless heroes go to battle to save our planet, using their own unique superhuman abilities that can control weather phenomena.

With humour and respect for its audience, the series sends the important message to children that you don’t need superpowers to save the world. MeteoHeroes is the only children’s series dedicated entirely to climate and environmental issues. Each episode focuses on issues related to ecology and respect for nature.

North American distribution and marketing for both the series and the first Mondo/Viselman collaboration, the videogame MeteoHeroes – Saving Planet Earth for Sony PlayStation, will be managed by Kenn Viselman’s itsy bitsy Entertainment Company (TibECo) in partnership with the show’s co-producers Mondo TV S.p.A and leading weather forecasting centre Meteo Operations Italia (MOPI). Viselman will also personally serve as showrunner and executive producer of the Americanized version of the series for a North American audience.

This is a very significant deal for Mondo TV Studios, as it brings one of the company’s most successful productions to the vast North American market for the first time. Maria Bonaria Fois, CEO of Mondo TV Studios, says: “Kenn Viselman has an unmatched reputation for finding, building and developing hit brands and shows in the North American market. His insights into production, distribution, marketing, and brand development will, we are sure, bring MeteoHeroes success in one of the biggest and most competitive kids’ markets in the world. And, of course, he loves the show! We’re delighted to be working with Kenn.”

Kenn Viselman who has created an empire by marketing and monetizing entertainment through his unique use of storytelling says: “In my over three decades of working in the world of children’s and family entertainment. I have never seen a reaction to a kids’ series like I have with MeteoHeroes – and let’s face it, I’ve seen some pretty huge reactions. The success of the series is its ability to give the audience hope while speaking to them in a fun and honest way about threats to our environment. There is no issue more urgent or germane to children’s lives than climate change and the message that a superhero lives in each of us with the capacity to change the world is one I am thrilled and honored to shout from the rooftops.”

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