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14 Mar - 2022

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The popular doll brand of IMC Toys continues to garner acclaim

The popular doll brand of IMC Toys, which has set global sales records, continues to garner acclaim thanks to an effective strategy that combines quality and constant product innovation, high-end digital content, a distinctive positioning and a 360-degree marketing and communication plan. 

Since their launch, the tender dolls with big eyes that cry real tears have conquered millions of girls around the world, and were the best-selling toy in Italy in 2021 (NPD Retail Tracking Service Italy – rank by value sales in 2021). Excellent results were also achieved by the collectible version – Cry Babies Magic Tears -, which has confirmed the property nº 2 of the category (NPD Retail Tracking Service Italy – rank by value sales in 2021).

A fundamental ingredient for the success of the brand is represented by edutainment content that is widely spread on the web and on television channels. The beloved dolls are the protagonists of an animated series in 3D very popular, which has 4 seasons with over 100 episodes from 5 minutes and a 5th season coming soon. Aimed to a primary target of girls from 3 to 6 years, the episodes of the series Cry Babies Magic Tears talk about values such as friendship, altruism, loyalty and the importance of expressing the emotions, accompanying the little spectators in the path of personal and relational growth.

The series is avalable on YouTube, YouTube Kids, Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms, and is on air on the main international Kids TV channels, entering in each country in the Top Ten of the most viewed content. In Italy, the series has been broadcast continuously since 2018 on Frisbee, channel 44 DDT. 

For the nice baby dolls IMC Toys has also opened a dedicated YouTube channel, Kitoons, which welcomes not only the episodes of the animated series, but also special content and videos of the most famous youtuber. Available in 19 languages, Kitoons has more than 6.4 million subscribers globally, 4 billion views and 90 million unique viewers. Important are also the numbers for Italy, where the channel collects more than 300 thousand subscribers, over 220 million views, and 2.5 million unique users with more than 15.5 million watched hours.

Cry Babies also have an important presence on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, channels that in Italy collect a total community of over 300,000 followers.

With a pioneering approach,  IMC Toys in autumn 2021 launched a new OTT app that takes the name of the YouTube channel – KITOONS -, available on iOS devices, Android and smart TVs, where children can find all the contents of Cry Babies and moms can buy personalized products.

In support of the brand IMC Italy also ensures significant investments for continuous promotional campaigns on TV and YouTube channels in addition to numerous collaborations with mum&kids influencers more followed and the organization of local events. With the goal of continuing to grow the brand, 2022 will see new product launches and innovations supported by major marketing investments. 

The property has a substantial international licensing program that year after year is enriched, with over 40 countries involved, more than 500 products and over 70 licensees. Also in our country is defining an ambitious program that in 2022 will see the arrival of new products and new collaborations, with the aim of ensuring the brand a cross-section on all major product categories, from publishing, clothing, from accessories to back to school, from toiletries to gadgets, to offer young fans an immersive experience of engagement and proximity to the brand.

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