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3 Mar - 2022

The iconic Japanese company has reinvented its worldwide offer of events by keeping in touch with fans throughout 2021, paving the way for important news for the new year

Starting in the second half of 2021 and following in 2022, Hello Kitty and Friends and Mr. Men Little Miss remained close to their fans despite the pandemic, and will continue to amaze with a series of ad hoc events and initiatives.

For 7 weeks, starting at the end of July 2021, the Museum of Brands in London hosted a trail dedicated to Mr. Men Little Miss composed of unique memorabilia, limited edition objects and original drawings by Adam Hargreaves. Visitors were involved with quizzes, questions and other activities, to stimulate children’s curiosity and to evoke a nostalgia effect in adults. A fantastic way to celebrate Mr. Men Little Miss’s 50th anniversary and his importance across multiple generations

Also in 2021, in August, Hong Kong‘s Times Square hosted one of the largest Mr. Men Little Miss events, including an exhibition with contributions from 25 artists from around the world, original sketches by Adam Hargreaves, an exhibition of books, a pop up store and the “Discover You Academy”, where the characters interacted with visitors inviting them to “discover” themselves. Finally, colorful three-dimensional selfie-proof scenes, with three-foot-tall characters, further enriched the atmosphere of this fantastic event.

In September, Mr. Men Little Miss again, this time in France: the Puteaux media library hosted a dedicated exhibition, with original sketches and the history of the brand, while the Paris Aquarium created a tailor-made path to discover beauty Marine Protected Areas, teaching children and parents how to protect the oceans, its ecosystems and biodiversity.

Hello Kitty also got to be present with activities and events.

In November, she flew to Amsterdam to create two incredible immersive experiences within WONDR, a kind of playground of colors and sensations, designed by the most creative minds of the city scene. An interactive exhibition for people of all ages, where they can dance, sing, paint, swim and make new friends. One of the museum’s rooms was dedicated to the world of Hello Kitty, with luxurious walls, lamps, a romantic swing and a seasonal setting filled with giant gift boxes.

In December, Hello Kitty and Friends toured Italy with the So Different So Friends mini-tour, a super kawaii traveling stand, full of props, plushes and colors. The event, created to celebrate the differences that make friendships unique and special, entertained the public with a selfie wall, a sitting room where friends could record their messages and record a video and lots of gifts for the participants.

2022 will also be a very eventful year.

Since early January Hello Kitty and Friends are the stars of Darling Square, a top destination in Sydney for fun, friends and good food: 30 dishes inspired by the characters, a bespoke shop and an outdoor gallery with works from graphics, illustrators and street artists, among the most famous in the world. (There is still time to fly to Australia and discover Hello Kitty Town: the event is scheduled until April 29th!)

These and many other events have allowed us to confirm Hello Kitty and Friends and Mr. Men Little Miss as authentic and present brands, in Europe and around the world, and pave the way for other important news for 2022. Stay tuned!

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