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24 Feb - 2022

V.I.P. Entertainment & Merchandising AG, Apple Corps Ltd. agent in the German speaking markets since over 15 years, reports 3 new licenses already signed this year

Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH, the world market leader for harmonicas and accordions, was awarded the international license for harmonicas. Beatles branded harmonicas are replicas of those we can hear in many of their songs. Yellow Submarine harmonicas play with the famous design in a pretty funny way

TB International GmbH, textile distributor for numerous popular brands and 15.000 B2B customers worldwide acquired both, a Tshirt license for the Beatles and for Yellow Submarine to boost its B2C business.

And DeinDesign GmbH will use logos, designs and pictures for its personalized foils, skins and design cases, for which it claims to be the European market leader

V.I.P. has a track record of 40+ years and represented already such renowned rights as Star Wars, James Bond, Pepsi Cola, IBM, the NFL and Marilyn Monroe. As latest addition to its portfolio reports V.I.P.s CEO Michael A. Lou the rights for 

Leo Lionni’s bestselling children classics like Frederick & Friends and Zorro, who will crown its 100th anniversary with several TVSeries and 2 feature films.

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