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10 Feb - 2022

The Play Around toy company continues to nurture its success, with many novelties for 2022

Play Around is the Toy Company founded in 2020 by the Pea & Promoplast group, thanks to the experience of a team specializing in multichannel concepts for premium collectibles and Toys. The company, guided by the mission of making children play and laugh, sees 2021 as the year of its consecration. In fact, it played a leading role as Master Toy licensor of MeteoHeroes, the Mondo TV property for which it developed the first part of the toy line, distributed in Italy by Dynit, with the second part released in Q3 of 2022. 2021 then ended with “Masha Audio Stories”, a project developed in collaboration with Simba Dickie Group on proprietary RFID technology, which met with great success, placing itself at the top of the Amazon Best Seller ranking during the Christmas period.

In 2022 Play Around will also focus on 3 new interesting properties. Kawais is the first major project entirely conceived and produced by the Play Around team. The Kawais are cute animals who live in a community on a fantastic island, sharing friendship and fun. All the elements of the toy line focus on playability, the combination of different materials, unexpected functionalities, and unpredictable solutions. The innovation and attention to detail were the key factors of the whole project. Kids in Town offers a wonderful and multi-ethnic world, where children of all cultures live together. Different types of professions are represented, many places and adventures in a fantasy city. The stories will be different and with various locations (bakery, fire station…). The value of the family, unity and cultural diversity are the basis of this beautiful project. The Scarymon are scary monsters who will become the best allies to create funny pranks with their powerful screams. They can hide in a dark room or in a closet: when the Scarymon detects the light it starts screaming!

The 3 properties are for Kids and Pre-School targets and will be released in the BTS of 2022.

From mid-February, the 3 projects will be premiered in the Play Around Virtual Showroom, with the 2022 news from MeteoHeroes. You can make an appointment in the appropriate “Fix a Call” form at the following link: www.play-around.it. The next live meetings for the Play Around team will be in Italy at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair (21-24 March 2022) and in London on the occasion of Distoy (17-20 May 2022).

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