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19 Jan - 2022

From the 15th of January to March 22, 2022 The New Geronimo Silton Live Experience takes visitors on an immersive entertainment adventure, involving them on a journey through history with the special mission of saving Italy’s most famous mouse journalist

Starting from 15th January to 20th March 2022, the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, at Spazio ex Cisterne, will host the world premiere of the first Geronimo Stilton exhibition: “GERONIMO STILTON LIVE EXPERIENCE. THE JOURNEY THROUGH TIME”, an immersive adventure that is entertaining, fun and educational, where participants will be taken on an exciting journey through history with the special mission of saving Geronimo Stilton. This unique exhibition will also feature special guides: Time Rangers, who will accompany visitors through the exhibition playing exciting interactive games. www.geronimostiltonexperience.it

The story is based-on the book series “A Journey Through Time”, where readers are invited to travel to far off times and experience fabumouse adventures, and it is created to involve children aged 4-12, schools and all generations of readers who have grown up with the adventures of Geronimo.

The exhibition experience is designed to be immersive, interactive and empathetic: visitors will be able to experience an exciting journey through time, with tests to be passed and puzzles to be solved, learning  while having fun. Thanks to a set design that is full of surprises, to interactive games and the guidance of the Time Rangers, having fun, feeling emotions and learning are one and the same.

You can explore the lost world of the dinosaurs, the mysterious world of the ancient Egyptians, and the adventurous world of Treasure Island before getting to the end of the journey and finally returning to the present, richer in experience, and more excited and enthusiastic than ever!

The exhibition will incorporate a variety of different technologies:

  • Mapping: In the room dedicated to the Cretaceous era, images and videos will be projected onto the surface of one or more objects, transforming them into displays. Combined with sounds and music,  mapping will provide an immersive audio-visual narration;
  • Digital Signage: in each room, a digital display device will allow contents on ledwalls, touchscreens or mirror displays to be viewed;
  • Augmented Reality: in the room dedicated to ancient Egypt, tablets will create an overlapping of digital, virtual and interactive elements in the real world, providing an exciting, unique experience.

Thanks to all of these technologies combined, the exhibition space at the Fabbrica del Vapore is a real Geronimo Stilton Experience Village: on the first floor the exhibition layout will be divided into three settings. On the ground floor, a bookshop, an interactive area for the Time Quiz, an area dedicated to photographs at the “A Journey Through Time'” Gate, a room for educational activities and events, and a space dedicated to Virtual Reality “Moon VR- Geronimo Stilton Edition”  where Geronimo Stilton will accompany visitors to witness the Apollo 11 moon landing thanks to Virtual Reality, which transports visitors on out-of-this-world experiences and amazing adventures, immersing them into 360° environments through VR visors.

Marco Pizzoni, Way Experience CEO commented:In such a long-lasting, unique moment in time, we asked ourselves as entrepreneurs and parents of children between the ages of 5 and 14, what would be the value of constructing Travelling Through Time with Geronimo Stilton – choosing a large, physical, wonderful, safe place where we could take our children on a journey that they can hardly take anywhere else these days. We didn’t even need to answer that question: we just did it“.

Noted Claudia Mazzucco, Atlantyca Entertainment CEO“Geronimo Stilton has always had special powers: he manages to make even the most superficial topics interesting and stimulating even for his young fans. The big exhibition in Milan makes this gift of his even more real and creates a new bridge between the world of adults and that of children. By visiting the exhibition, children will discover new educational content and will  travel through different historical eras, but adults will also have more fun than they have had in a long time. Because Geronimo Stilton always makes us feel playful and eager to make discoveries, just as we were when we were our children’s age. This union between generations seems to us to be an important opportunity, especially at a time like this, when dialogue between adults and children is a crucial factor in overcoming the challenges of everyday life.”

The Story

Beaker Poirat, scientist and friend of Geronimo’s, is working on a new project dedicated to the “Keys of time”. While he’s working on this project, a malfunction causes the three Keys to open three portals, bringing dinosaurs, mummies and pirates to Topazia! Geronimo and his friends need a crew of travellers to help them solve the situation. The visitors’ mission will be to travel through time with the Toponautilus in Milan, solve the challenges they come up against and find the three individual time keys in order to close the three portals and save Geronimo.

Geronimo Stilton – always connected with them from Topazia – will urge them to set off on their journey in search of the keys to time in the Dinosaur Era, in Ancient Egypt and then on Treasure Island.

Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stilton – from an idea by Elisabetta Dami – is the character whose international publishing rights as well as animation and licensing rights are managed by Atlantyca Entertainment worldwide. The Geronimo Stilton book series, published in Italy by Edizioni Piemme-Mondadori Libri, has become a global phenomenon with 175 million books translated into 51 languages sold worldwide and 3 animated series co-produced with Rai Fiction and distributed in over 130 countries. Geronimo Stilton has always been a spokesperson for cultural projects and realities due to his ability to convey, in a fun way, positive values and complex issues that would otherwise be difficult to communicate.

Educational activities                                                                                                                                                                                     

For the entire duration of the exhibition, practical educational events will be organised, such as prehistoric and fossil activities: a “Mini Paleolab” lasting 30′ that will take place every weekend and the “Paleolab Event”, an educational workshop lasting 90′ that will take place every first Sunday of the month.

For children aged between 6 and 11, there will also be the possibility to organise their own themed birthday party “The Journey through time with Geronimo Stilton”, which includes a 60′ animated visit and refreshments, paid for by the families, for a maximum of 25 children and 4 adults.

Primary Schools

The exhibition offers the possibility of organising  play visits for primary schools,  by prior arrangement during the week :

  • Children can experience an exciting journey through time, full of tests to overcome and content to  learn while having fun.

Educational themes: Age of the Dinosaurs, Ancient Egypt, Treasure Island. Depending on the school schedule, the guide can give more information on prehistory (third year classes) or on the Egyptians (fourth year classes).


The visit to the exhibition can be combined with the paleolab, an educational workshop on fossils and prehistory, in order to combine educational fun with scientifically accurate treatment and direct experimentation.

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