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26 Nov - 2021

Important news announced by the ForFun Media team

With global launches and exclusive previews, the November of ForFun Media, the main Italian animation network that includes Studio Bozzetto, Movimenti, MoBo, and DogHead, is very hot and full of satisfactions.

On Sunday, November 14th, Studio Bozzetto presented in Bergamo the preview of its new animated series “The Game Catchers”, during an open day for the public attended by more than 500 families. On Wednesday 17 November, however, the animated series Tear along the dotted line”, written and directed by Zerocalcare and produced by Movimenti Production, was released on Netflix.

The Game Catchers by Studio Bozzetto. There were 500 people for the preview in Bergamo; the series will be broadcast on Rai Yoyo from 20 December

For a whole day, children have forgotten the PlayStation, in a special event where they have “caught” the games of former days.

On Sunday 14 November, hundreds of families attended the national preview of the new animated kids’ show “The Game Catchers”, created by Studio Bozzetto and produced in collaboration with Sardine Productions and RAI Ragazzi. Three showings (all sold out) and lots of games: CircoWOW, a creative agency of events for families and children, has set up about thirty gaming locations where children have rediscovered all the contents and the magic of the series.

The theme of the “game for wellbeing” is central to the animated series “The Game Catchers”. In fact, in each episode, there are the games of former days, such as hide and seek and blind man’s bluff, which the 5 little protagonists discover – and catch! – during their interplanetary travels. In addition to the gaming, other themes are travel and team spirit.

The technological partner of this new television project by Studio Bozzetto is TabUi App, a leading app in the local tourism sector, which hosts a section dedicated to the Game Catchers with images, videos, and curiosities, and soon with a game that will permit children to search for characters with Augmented Reality. An idea that will allow families to spend fun moments together but also to discover new places and visit cities, with the protagonists of the TV series.

The collaborations in place for this project are not limited to technology: CircoWOW will take care of the creation of widespread playgrounds Game Catchers themed, dedicated to the courtyard games of the series, while Giunti Editore will be an editorial partner in the creative development of children’s books.

Movimenti Production celebrates the global launch of “Tear along the dotted line”

Movimenti Production marked the worldwide Netflix launch of the animated series “Tear along the dotted line” on 17 November. Written and directed by Zerocalcare, pseudonym of the famous Roman comics artist Michele Rech, the series is produced by Movimenti Production in collaboration with BAO Publishing; it has Giorgio Scorza and Davide Rosio as technical directors and storyboard supervisors heading the DogHead’s animation team and all the professionals involved.

Previewed at the Rome Film Fest, “Tear along the dotted line” was created thanks to around 200 professionals, each of whom has invested their talent in a courageous challenge, to say the least: translating comics into cinematographic language, managing to respect the aesthetic standards and returning to the public and fans the unmistakable stylistic code of Zerocalcare.

Throughout 6 episodes and in a story full of flashbacks and anecdotes ranging from his childhood to the present day, Zerocalcare takes a train journey with Sarah and Secco, lifelong friends, towards a very difficult mission. From the memories of the school years to the existential lamentations because of his incompleteness, everything is narrated with the Zerocalcare’s voice, who dubbed all the characters, except the armadillo, who has the voice of Valerio Mastandrea. With this stratagem, each chapter of history seems to construct a piece of a world made up of very few certainties and unshakable friendships. And when all the pieces are in place in the end, the mosaic they have built will be a surprise for the spectator, but also the protagonist.

The collaboration with the Roman songwriter Giancane, who signed the title track of the series and other original compositions that embellish both the comedy and the more intense parts, is part of a rich, complex, and never banal soundtrack: supervised by Rain Frog working in perfect harmony with Zerocalcare, the music in “Tear along the dotted line” is mainly composed of songs taken from the Italian and international discography, and an important contribution both in quantitative and qualitative terms of library songs, creating a perfect mix which helps the viewer to fully enjoy the emotions of this incredible animated show.

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