24 Nov - 2021

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Lots of gift ideas dedicated to the world of the illustrator’s characters are arriving

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching: Christmas is just around the corner and the desire to be together in merriment is in the air, together with the desire to surprise young and old with gifts that know how to excite and leave a memory. For this reason Nicoletta Costa Store dedicates to the most special period of the year a section of original Christmas proposals, obviously characterised by the unique and distinctive Nicoletta Costa trait! Nicoletta Costa Store was born in 2021 with the aim of introducing the world of the characters born from the pen of the Friulian illustrator through a wide selection of unique and quality products. Now, on the occasion of Christmas, there is a special section dedicated to the many gift ideas that Nicoletta Costa Store offers. Among the novelties, the line of mugs already present in the store is enriched with two Christmas limited editions with the most beloved characters, Giulio Coniglio and Nuvola Olga. There is also a colourful calendar for the year 2022 and fun Christmas cards!

The Illustrabimbi product portfolio has also been expanded with two new items decorated with a beautiful and fun Christmas fantasy, featuring Nuvola Olga and some cute elves: a long-sleeved T-shirt in certified gots fabric and a cute T-shirt for girls with curled sleeves, also in gots fabric. As a gift idea for fans of bedroom accessories, after the success of the cat pillow, comes a line of unique handmade pillows with particular attention to the choice of materials and details. The protagonist of this line will be a cute hen.

In the Christmas section of the Nicoletta Costa Store, books were certainly not missing: we find the classic Christmas Gattolibro and three books dedicated to Christmas with Giulio Coniglio: Buon natale con Giulio Coniglio (Merry Christmas with Giulio Coniglio), Il libro calendario di Giulio Coniglio (The Giulio Coniglio Calendar Book) and Aspettando Natale (Waiting for Christmas) as well as a slightly special advent calendar with all of Giulio’s friends. There is no shortage of classic gift ideas, such as collections of all-time best sellers: Le più belle storie della Maestra Margherita, di Strega Teodora e dell’Albero Giovanni, playbooks featuring the Codalunga Family and Strega Teodora and other Giulio Coniglio classics. There were also titles dedicated to the new television series Nina&Olga, Nina & Olga Amiche Speciali, which tells the story of the tender encounter between the two protagonists and the birth of their friendship, and the last four titles published inspired by episodes from the television series: Nina&Olga: Piccoli misteri della notte, Nina&Olga. The Best Gift Ever, Nina&Olga. Nina&Olga. Nina&Olga. What fun on the farm!

Dulcis in fondo: the Christmas section of the Nicoletta Costa Store leaves room for games! Products dedicated to Nina&Olga such as the giant puzzles Nina e Olga a cosa gioiamo oggi and Storie della Gentilezza and Store della buonaanotte and two other unmissable games, Nina e Olga giocano con le emozioni, and Il gioco della Gentilezza stand alongside two other classics of the game world, namely Tombola dei gatti and Tombola di Giulio Coniglio and Gioco dell’oca Caterina. Finally, the Casa dei gatti (House of cats) and Inventiamo una storia con Giulio Coniglio (Let’s invent a story with Giulio Coniglio), two original and educational gift ideas to create many stories set in the colourful world of Giulio Coniglio!

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