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24 Nov - 2021

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The message of body positivity arrives and spreads also in America, powered by @Barbiestyle

Communication has never been so digital as on this occasion and for a just cause, spreading the message of body positivity, through the Instagram profile @BarbieStyle with over 2 million followers, which will arrive in 2022 in its eighth year of life.

BarbieStyle over the years has continued to evolve, to better reflect the more open and ever-changing nature of Fashion and Culture; it is a place where the brand interacts with adult fans. In addition to offering followers an insight into Barbie’s life, from 2019 the channel also proposed dolls with diversity, sparking conversations and real-time feedback. The post featuring a Fashionistas doll with vitiligo quickly became the most popular in the history of the channel.

Alessandro Enriquez has reinterpreted Barbie and Ken, creating a collection of dolls – 3 Barbie and 3 Ken – in a very limited edition (One Of A Kind). With a photo shoot in Los Angeles, customized with the looks of the brand’s Spring Summer 2022 season, they send a clear message of equality and inclusion, Enriquez Diversity, which takes shape on the famous dolls through the use of color and Alessandro’s prints. Barbie Fashionistas is the line which reflects the diversity and inclusivity spirit of the brand: through it, we offer children more than 175 looks, an incredible variety of skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles, body shapes, and fashions between to choose.

The diversity represented within the Fashionistas line suggests children the opportunity to broaden their horizons within playtime, becoming the most inclusive line of dolls and that best meets the needs of the little ones. The designer’s dolls, multi-ethnic and with different physiognomies and bodies, are thus immortalized in Los Angeles in Barbiestyle mood, wearing the iconic full skirt 1950’s inspired, a stylistic signature of the Alessandro Enriquez brand, the one-color suit, the bowling shirt, the t-shirt with vitaminic prints and a wonderful dress with the all-over design of polka dots and hearts, a recurring theme in Alessandro’s collections.

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