18 Nov - 2021

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Authentic women are the protagonists of the “Just As You Are” campaign that tells the story of the Rue des Mille special edition for Barbie

Rue des Mille, the Italian ready-to-wear jewellery brand, never ceases to amaze and offers us an exclusive collaboration with Barbie, the world’s most famous doll. Barbie has always shown little girls that they can be anything they want to be, giving them the chance to play different roles and pursue all kinds of careers through play, encouraging imagination, creativity, self-expression and self-discovery. Rue des Mille’s mission is to give value to the unlimited potential in every little girl, so that they know they can achieve whatever they want for their future.

Rue des Mille has always told stories through its collections, collecting dreams and transforming them into versatile, elegant and fun accessories. Jewellery that invites women not to give up on their dreams, but rather to wear them and live them like princesses in modern urban fairy tales.

And authentic women are the protagonists of the “Just As You Are” campaign that describes the Rue des Mille special edition for Barbie.

Faces that are the emblem of an aesthetic without barriers, where beauty is given by uniqueness and by the invitation to go beyond taboos, banalities, defects, prejudices and live one’s own image with an almost shameless awareness, always with a bit of irony. Real people who, just like today’s Barbie, embody among others the value of inclusion. They love the truth, they are courageous, they believe in freedom, they are moved by passions, they choose humanity, they look to the future and they are the mirror of a reality where authentic connections see them close to each other.

It is no coincidence that Rue des Mille has chosen Barbie, who since her birth has inspired little girls to realise their dreams through the motto “You can be everything you want to be”.

A shared vision which, in the Rue des Mille special edition for Barbie, is also told through the face of the revelation dancer Giulia Stabile, star of the digital campaign. Always versatile and empathetic, Giulia perfectly embodies the values of the brand where uniqueness goes beyond appearances.

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