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18 Nov - 2021

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The Food Network family is always in turmoil and continues to widen with the arrival of new faces and new programs, to also tell different and original ways of experience cuisine, always with a look addressed to tradition

Food Network is the Discovery Group entertainment channel entirely dedicated to the world of food. It wants to be the first choice destination for all food lovers, with the mission to share the passion and joy of being together at the table. On Food Network you can cook easy recipes or gourmet dishes, travel to the discovery of distant and local culinary worlds, have fun with engaging gastronomic challenges. Food Network tells traditions, territory and trends of Italian cuisine, proposing a rich and varied editorial offer, balanced between “cult” programs and new and original content: a delicious mix of competition, entertainment, inspiration, lifestyle and travel food.

An important figure for Food Network is represented by the authoritativeness which derives from the presence of top talent and experts influencers of the food world. There are many content of the network that has now become iconic, such as the very popular “Fatto in casa per voi” , conducted by Benedetta Rossi, the most followed food blogger on Facebook, who opens the doors of her home in the countryside to share recipes based on simple and genuine ingredients.

Another very representative program is “l’Italia a morsi”, with Chiara Maci, the famous Food Influencer who travels through the Italian regions to discover the tradition of local recipes and the world of home restaurant. In the episodes of “L’Italia a morsi al ristorante”, the well-known Chef Simone Rugiati visits restaurants of countries and villages all over Italy to explore the typicalities of the territory, while Csaba Dalla Zorza, a popular blogger and refined expert of cooking and bon ton, in “The Modern Cook” appointments shares recipes for a new daily tradition, where you can find tasty, but also easy and healthy, dishes. But the Food Network family is always in turmoil and continues to widen with the arrival of new faces and new programs, to also tell different and original ways of living the kitchen, always with a look addressed to tradition.

Excellent performance and constant growth

Since its entry into Discovery Group Food Network showed excellent and continually growing results: 2021 is the best year ever for the channel, with an average share of 0.55%,  + 8% vs 2020 and increased with double digit in comparison to the previous 2 years (in 2019 + 23%, in 2020 + 19% SHR).

In the current year the channel reaches almost 3 million daily contacts (2.7 million contacts), with an average of 9 million unique spectators each week (almost 20% of total television contacts) and 17.5 million monthly (33% of total television contacts).

Food Network has a good presence also at digital level: YouTube and Discovery + platforms recorded a monthly average of almost a million views, intercepting additional users compared to those of the TV.

Food Network’s audience is represented by adults, with a prevalence of women 25-44 years old, medium-high class. In particular, the 35-44 woman target reaches an average daily share of 0.76%.

A brand with high recognizability and a strong positioning

Food Network brand awareness is very high: it is known by a third of television spectators and the awareness (32% in June 2021) is more than doubled in 3 years.

At the same time, Food Network has a well-defined and distinctive positioning.

Among its characterizing values ​​there are the territory and Italianity, to discover the excellence and peculiarities of our country, the search for traditions in the kitchen, traveling between the tastes and flavors of the Italian regions, even with a look at the future, the Passion for food and conviviality, experiential moments with the preparation of recipes and suggestions.

Important values ​​of the channel identity, are also fun, contemporaneity, sharing food at the table, even through new digital modes.

With a careful choice of content that proposes a stimulating offer, a precise positioning, a multi-channel presence on tv, web and social network, and a clear recognizability, Food Network is a real brand with intrinsic characteristics and values, immediately recognizable by the public.

Brand Extension projects

The strength and popularity of Food Network therefore offer interesting potential for products and projects that can effectively represent the values ​​of the brand.

Co-branding initiatives, Brand Collaboration and Licensing are options that can contribute to the success of products that have affinity with the Food Network Universe. In this context, Food Network can offer partners a support in terms of endorsement to existing assortments, or contribute to more direct collaborations and can even carry out completely new product lines, to enrich the Customer Experience.

To support the partner’s projects, Food Network can also offer effective synergetic contributions, such as the possible involvement of the tv talent, special advertising solutions and personalized editorial content, which enrich the offer and increase the occasions to enter in contact with the consumer.

ETS Licensing, thanks to the partnership with Discovery, manages the license and brand collaboration agreements for Food Network and  its main programs, and is defining for the brand a route to market strategy that will start in 2022.

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