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5 Nov - 2021

LM interviewed Giochi Preziosi for the launch of its products dedicated to Love, Diana. GP are the master toy partner while Licensing is handled exclusively by Planeta Junior

What led you to choose Love, Diana as the next IP to focus on for your toy lines?

Diana is a 7-year-old girl who is an incredible success on YouTube. This young creator is perfect for the target audience of our toys: girls and boys aged three and up. Love, Diana’s video content is very simple and deals with themes that have great appeal for young children, with engaging and exciting stories and adventures, and elements such as transformation and imagination.

When do you expect to launch and what marketing will support the line?

The product launch will take place at the end of October when we will distribute the toys in shops. We will use demonstration videos of the main products (dolls), online and on the Giochi Preziosi YouTube channel. We will publish posts on FB and IG directed at parents, as agreed with the licensor, to introduce them to the reassuring nature of the character. We will create an area dedicated to Diana on the Giochi Preziosi consumer website. The licensor will also work together with selected YouTube creators who will show the top products in the line.

What will the Love, Diana toy line consist of?

We have focused on best sellers, concentrating our launch on the dolls and playset categories.

There will be five products:

  • A 15 cm doll in five different styles.
  • Two 33 cm dolls that transform, as Diana does in her videos: from a princess into a heroine; and from a mermaid into a party dresser. The transformation is done in a fun and easy way, by moving parts of the dress and completing the outfit with the included accessories.
  • A Styling Head, with eight accessories to comb Diana’s hair.
  • And finally, the Mystery Shopper: a playset that reproduces one of Diana’s most beloved accessories, to play just as she does: the case opens and there is a boutique with a doll and her clothes, as well as a mirror.

What content will you air on the YouTube channel to support the IP and the product, together with Planeta Junior?

The Italian Love, Diana You Tube channel will air the Animated Series. By the end of this year, a large number of episodes will be available in Italian. The series will continue to be broadcast throughout 2022, building up the channel. We will also have some live action videos starring Diana and her little brother Roma, as well as other videos showcasing our toys. We are working together with the licensor in order to carry out this ambitious program of specialized content for children.

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