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3 Nov - 2021

Xilam Animation has a slate of new and refreshed brands which it will be bringing to Brand Licensing Europe 2021

Academy Award®-nominated French animation studio Xilam Animation has a distinctive, expanding and colourful slate of new and refreshed brands which it will be bringing to Brand Licensing Europe 2021, as well as showcasing to new and existing partners over the coming months.

Headlining Xilam’s current brand portfolio is Oggy Oggy – a 156 x 7’ preschool spin-off to its iconic and internationally loved Oggy and the Cockroaches franchise. The first season debuted globally on Netflix in August 2021 and from September 2022, the charming CG series will expand its broadcast presence with launches on Super RTL (Germany), Discovery (Italy) and France Télévisions (France), and additional broadcast partners will be announced soon.

Kick-starting the consumer products offering for the brand, which is centred on playfulness, adventure and friends, Xilam recently secured a new master toy partnership collaboration with Simba Dickie Group for a range of toys spanning plush, figurines, playsets and accessories, vehicles, collectibles and sand buckets inspired by the world of Oggy Oggy for children aged from 3 –6 years. The collection is set to hit stores in France, Germany, Italy and the UK for Christmas 2022, with an extension into Poland and Spain for Spring 2023. Xilam is currently looking for further partners to expand the brand into new categories, such as games, publishing, gifting and apparel among others.

To expand and raise awareness for the brand, Oggy Oggy now has its own website featuring fun activities alongside a dedicated YouTube channel with exclusive short episodes, music, and videos. The YouTube channel will have a specific focus on Oggy Oggy’s main recurring universes and themes of the series, as well as encouraging children to discover their favourite characters that will soon be available in toy aisles. The brand can also be found on social media, where Xilam Animation has created a dedicated Instagram account.

Also starring in Xilam’s brand line-up is Lupin’s Tales, a 78 x 7’ 2D and 3D comedy series for upper pre-schoolers that currently airs in over 15 markets. For the French market, Xilam is building the brand’s consumer products offering through a partnership with Jemini to create a line of Lupin’s Tales plush, tableware and furniture. Xilam is also looking for other licensees to expand its Lupin’s Tales merchandise offering across categories including toys & games, publishing, apparel and more.

Alongside this is Where’s Chicky?, a CGI short-form non-dialogue comedy series produced by Xilam’s Cube Creative. The series is targeted at a cross-generational audience and sees an adorable little chick turn up in a new environment or discover a new object in every episode. A new third season of Where’s Chicky? is on the way and scheduled for delivery in December 2021. Where’s Chicky? has a robust and expanding presence across digital platforms and linear TV, as well as on YouTube where the brand has over 2.2M followers and has generated 1BN views to date.

Additionally, Xilam has also built an impressive footprint for the brand on social media and Where’s Chicky? has now generated over 1.2M followers on TikTok with 116M total views for #whereschicky and 4.4M ‘likes’ on the platform, and over 160k Facebook fans. Xilam is currently building a merchandise programme for Where’s Chicky? with a focus on plush, toys & games, accessories and more.

Xilam is also expanding the world of its classic and long-standing Oggy and the Cockroaches franchise with a new freshly designed reboot series: The New Adventures of Oggy. The new 78 x 7’ instalment is set to be delivered in Autumn 2021 and will debut globally as an original on Netflix. In addition, the series has already been acquired by numerous broadcasters with launches taking place from September 2021, including Gulli and M6 in France, Discovery and DEA Kids in Italy, and VRT-Ketnet in Flemish Belgium.

Last but by no means least is Xilam’s beloved comedy property, Zig & Sharko, which consists of three seasons. For Zig & Sharko, Xilam has established a robust digital presence, which includes over 21M subscribers and 11BN views on YouTube, almost 900k fans on Facebook and 685k followers on TikTok, where the brand has also generated over 171M views for #zig&sharko and 5.2M ‘likes’ since April 2021. Xilam is currently producing an all-new spin-off to Zig & Sharko, which will focus on Bernie the Hermit Crab and is set to air late 2021.

Xilam Animation will be exhibiting at BLE 2021 and can be found at Booth A160. Please contact Capucine Humblot (chumblot@xilam.com) with any enquires.

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