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26 Oct - 2021

Igiene Insieme, the initiative aimed at nursery and primary schools to make schools a safe place by spreading and teaching good hygiene practices to children, is back on track. Thanks to the collaboration with Mattel, a leading company in the toy sector, the brand of “Il Trenino Thomas” will enrich the materials dedicated to kindergartens and make them more usable and understandable

“Igiene Insieme” (Hygiene Together) is back for the 2021/2022 school year, the Napisan initiative aimed at nursery and primary schools to spread the teaching of good hygiene practices among children and make school a place where they can learn and have fun in complete safety.

This year’s edition, with a view to increasing the accessibility and usability of the contents, will be richer than ever and can count on an exceptional partner such as Mattel, a leading company in the toy sector, which has chosen to take the field alongside Napisan for this new edition of “Igiene Insieme”.

Mattel will lend to the project, and to the materials dedicated to it, the face of one of its most beloved brands: the Trenino Thomas. On air since 1984 and still followed with great success by entire generations of children, Trenino Thomas is already a United Nations ambassador for the sixth Sustainable Development Goal (Clean Water and Hygiene) and in its programme it talks about the importance of friendship and teamwork. It is these characteristics, as well as his appeal to children, that make him the perfect protagonist for the new ‘Igiene Together’ materials.

The new materials, which Napisan and Mattel have been working on together over the past few months to get ready for “back to school”, include posters explaining the importance of proper hand washing, colouring books with the face of the famous train set, hygiene-themed educational games and prizes to be awarded to those who are particularly virtuous in adopting the new behaviours.

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