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20 Oct - 2021

Starting from October 23rd, Studio Bozzetto’s little mouse is back on TV, on Rai Yoyo, with Carolina Benvenga, the TV star for the little ones, to dance together and tell beautiful stories!

From books to an animated series, and finally landing in the digital space, a feature film and finally now the return on TV with some unique products for children: the Baby Dances with Carolina Benvenga – on air starting from October 23rd – with the special series “Carolina and Tip the Mouse: storytellers”.

Carolina and Tip the Mouse, the couple born from the collaboration between Sony Music Italy and Studio Bozzetto, lands on TV with a brand-new series born from an idea of Studio Bozzetto and Carolina herself – Carolina and Tip the Mouse: storytellers.

The cute little mouse, born in Studio Bozzetto’s house and based on the Giunti book series, is the protagonist of an animated series distributed in 140 countries, and of a project with a children’s TV star like Carolina, who is a hit on YouTube with hundreds of millions of followers, are all facts hard to ignore.

Carolina’s youtube channel, 2 years after its debut, has 480 thousand subscribers and 450 million views and is the most viewed baby dance channel in Italy. During the pandemic, it has increasingly become popular, a kind of safe zone where children could let off steam in “wild” dances and develop their motor skills through music.

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