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13 Oct - 2021

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Games and Playbooks to learn while having fun!

Ludattica, the brand of educational and creative games of the Educational group, presents a series of novelties in view of the most fun and playful period of the year: Christmas. Consisting of boxed games, puzzles and books, Ludattica’s offer, present on the market with a new look and repositioning from 2020, is designed to give moments of play in which to satisfy at the same time the innate need of children to learn and grow. For each line Ludattica proposes a very rich offer of products made with materials of natural origin and low environmental impact. They range from educational games to the line dedicated to Maria Montessori, from creative games to family games, from card games to special puzzles, also in large formats. In the last year Ludattica’s offer has been enriched with game-books, which have quickly become very popular products with families. Let’s discover together the novelties of each line, thought to join the light-heartedness and the joy of the Christmas period to the beauty and the value of playing and learning by Ludattica.

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