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5 Oct - 2021

Tags from the story: Hello Jesus, J-LAND ENTERTAINMENT.

The new J-LAND ENTERTAINMENT’s property speaks to everyone’s heart to inspire positive feelings

“In a special dimension beyond common sense, against all prejudices, here comes Hello Jesus! and their inspired and peaceful world. Regardless of your religious beliefs, habits or traditions, this cheerful world speaks to you about universal values to strive for— peace, tolerance and harmony.”

The inspiration for this original property – officially presented end 2020 – draws from a visual and conceptual reinterpretation of the story of Jesus, retold in a modern way and designed using a friendly and cartoon-like style, treating the themes it deals with as universal and familiar, regardless of their religious connotation.

The purpose is to make the well-known story even more ‘catchy’ and fit for a contemporary animation, overcoming religious schemes and spreading the message of life inspiration to an heterogeneous audience.

The property protagonist is here more human than divine, and his main goal is to inspire and advise on important life themes without teaching or judging. He speaks as a friend, talking about respect, kindness, tolerance, forgiveness, love and everything that has to do with a peaceful way of being.

As said by Giorgio Vallorani, J-Land’s CEO and founder: “Jesus’ life and teaching are presented in a less stereotyped kind of way, just to create a connection, to give way to the message and let the others fully understand it. Colourful and innovative patterns design a new perspective to the story, thus being true to the original. We strongly believe that communicating with new generations will be much easier through positivity and fun, and we’re confident that nobody will resist Hello Jesus!’s cheerfulness!”

Thanks to its colourful looks and unconventional approach, this property aims to different target audiences, conveying an inspirational message through many different levels of interpretation. HJ’s sharp design and motivational claims aim at teens, while stories and cartoons will catch kids and children’s attention, promising an edutainment approach.

HJ has already been presented on the international scene at the Global Festival Licensing 2020, receiving many positive feedbacks and a huge number of requests. In the pipeline there’s a HJ pilot animated series and we’re finalizing a few licensing agreements for consumer product development for 2021/22.


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