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1 Oct - 2021

Among the most anticipated novelties of Rai YoYo for 2022 there is Sparky & Caramela in the Paw’s MagiKingdom, a cartoon that breaks down all barriers, made with a revolutionary methodology. Inclusive and quality products correlated are already emerging

Among the most anticipated novelties of 2022 by Rai YoYo – the thematic channel dedicated to children of preschool age – there is the second season of Sparky & Caramela in the Paw’s MagiKingdom, a revolutionary cartoon in terms of methodology, inclusive and without barriers, the first and only one aimed at all children, with or without sensory deficits.

Characters, shapes, colors, words, music and rhythm are built to adapt to the different sensitivity and levels of competence of each child between 2 and 6 years old.

In collaboration with Rai Ragazzi, the production company Animundi has conceived and codified the Cartoon Able processing method, which includes various elements, with the advice of a pool of experts. For example a very clear language, a narrating voice, a sound commentary for the parts without dialogue, subtitles with specific syntax, simultaneous translation into the Language Italian Signs (LIS)…

Each season develops in twenty episodes of 6 minutes and tells the adventures of two cute little brothers – Sparkly and Caramela – and their animal friends, met in the Paw’s MagiKingdom, the fantastic place to which children have access thanks to a magic formula.

Due to its pedagogical and social value, the project has obtained the economic contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, recently winning the UNICEF Special Prize as “Best Social Work” and, right away, it interested the business world, art and entertainment. Many personalities who have accepted to offer their availability, actively supporting the project, for example Sabrina Brazzo, or lending their voices to the various characters of the TV series, such as Giovanni Allevi and Giuseppe Zeno, the latter narrator of all the episodes.

With the same spirit, that is to make ALL children participate, without discrimination, from the collaboration between Animundi and the CreativaMente company was born The Sparkly and Caramela Game, where to test memory, sight, touch, smell. It will help to discover sign language and the Braille alphabet, learning, with curiosity, other forms of language thanks to our senses and with the aim of winning, but this time all together and helping each other. The release is scheduled for the end of September.

Raffaele Bortone, CEO of Animundi, explains that the objective that is being pursued is to try to translate the purposes of accessibility and inclusion, typical of cardboard, into all those derivative products under the Sparkly and Caramela brand that particularly sensitive companies will want, experiment or simply implement, also contributing to the improvement of the quality of life and sustainability.

In the wake of these principles there is also the collaboration with GRABO Srl for the production of balloons themed Sparkly and Caramela. Grabo is in fact the first company in the Party sector to reduce the use of non-renewable energy sources, thanks to the installation of a latest generation 352 KW photovoltaic system.

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