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28 Sep - 2021

The new campaign, designed and developed to be digital first, will be on air from September to December

“Crescere con FABA” (Growing up with FABA) is the concept around which the brand’s new communication campaign and the new shop online are developed: the idea behind it expresses the leitmotif that has always guided the company in the entire production process and in the choice of content to propose to the young public.

Since its inception two years ago, FABA’s aim has been to support children at all stages of their growth, from 0 to 7 years of age, thanks to carefully chosen content suitable for every stage of development.

The claim structure “Cresco. Step by step” is made up of an ever-changing root, which retraces the brand’s values – I grow, I listen, I learn… -, and the ending “Passo dopo passo” (step by step), present in all messages, which communicates a sense of evolution and continuity, of change and choice.

The campaign was created by More Than 30 Seconds, a creative agency based in Treviso, and directed by Giacomo Boeri.

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