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15 Sep - 2021

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From 15 September, the menu of the colourful veganburgheria will be enriched with the Hot Wheels Burger, a spicy burger to warm up the autumn!

Hot Wheels is the #1 brand when it comes to vehicles, a much-loved brand for over 50 years. The cars offer an intuitive way to play that has contributed to the brand’s great success: it is committed to nurturing the Challenger Spirit in every child, encouraging them to try, fail and try again until they succeed. Thanks to the incredible flaming cars and dizzying tracks and playsets, children and adults alike can experience first-hand daring and adrenaline-pumping challenges on (mini) four-wheelers.

For Hot Wheels, the challenges the brand offers through racing, experimentation and creativity help children develop the skills and confidence they need to take on the world. Much more than a toy, the brand is now a lifestyle brand, which is also coming to food.

Flower Burger, the first veganburgheria born in Italy in 2015 and now present in 18 stores between Italy, Europe, UK and USA, accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and created exclusively for Hot Wheels a 100% vegetable burger, reinterpreted through a unique recipe, made exclusively with quality ingredients, without giving up colour. The bread, red like the Hot Wheels flames, is made with paprika and beetroot extract. The chickpea patty is enriched with spicy jalapenos, Tropea onion tartare and a super hot sauce!

The exclusive burger born from this collaboration will be available in all Italian Flower Burgers from 15 September to 15 November in store and by delivery, using the official Flower Burger App or through food delivery platforms in the territory. Who will order the Hot Wheels Burger will not only be amazed by the incredible Flower Burger taste, but also by another surprise: a free Hot Wheels car for each Hot Wheels Menu purchased, so that everyone can go back to the carefree childhood games!

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