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15 Sep - 2021

From the collaboration between Nicoletta Costa and FABA, the audio characters of Giulio Coniglio and Nuvola Olga will soon be available

The world of Nicoletta Costa, illustrator of children’s books with a series of characters that are now part of the collective imagination of many generations of children, meets the world of FABA audiobooks: Giulio Coniglio and Nuvola Olga sound characters, with many stories to tell, are coming in 2022.

FABA is not a simple game, but a real educational tool: an audio device designed to allow children to listen to their favourite stories, songs and nursery rhymes, through the use of tangible and recognisable characters, who become real storytellers. Thanks to NFC (Near Field Communication) contact technology, which allows simple commands to be recorded and read to make the devices communicate with each other, children are immediately taken to the heart of their favourite stories by bringing their favourite character close to the FABA device.

For 2022, Nicoletta Costa’s illustrations come to life through two new FABA sound characters to take children into a world of joy and fantasy!

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