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7 Sep - 2021

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The latest news from IMC Toys, the Spanish company leading in Europe

Since 1981, IMC Toys has developed a strong international reputation for innovative product design, unique digital platforms, and progressive leadership company philosophy. Its high quality and competitively priced products are based on established properties, such as the Cry Babies and Cry Babies Magic Tears, or the most recent VIP Pets.

In June 2021 IMC Toys launched its innovative Over-The-Top (OTT) Kitoons platform, which combines content and e-commerce, which quickly reached 4M views.

Over 150 videos from top company’s brands such as Cry Babies Magic Tears, VIP Pets and Bloopies were initially released. While watching, viewers have the opportunity to learn about video-related products and add them to a COPPA-compliant wishlist, with parents having the ability to place orders via purchase links. Kitoons OTT can be used via Smart TV, mobile, tablet and web. More personalized videos will be rolled out gradually: Fans can expect even more features such as interactive activities and content that will present the new characters in the Fall 2021 line up.

On the occasion of this important launch, the Cry Babies and the Cry Babies Magic Tears are back on the air on Kitoons and will be on the market with a whole new look! Cry Babies have been reimagined in the new Cry Babies Dressy Collection and Cry Babies Kiss Me Collection, which include updated features for a more realistic look, including real rooted hair, trendy clothes and shoes, sparkling eyes, softness and lightness.

The two lines will be supported by personalized content on the Kitoons OTT platform and YouTube channel which has billions of global views. Fans can experience the adventures of the Cry Babies Magic Tears Storyland Dress Me Up series as they cross a rainbow into a magical new world, where they meet the dressmaker Scarlette (aka Little Red Riding Hood) and the other characters. In the series will be visible the new features and new clothes of the dolls.

Cry Babies Dressy Collection and Cry Babies Kiss Me Collection are available from late June on Target, with all lines coming out in Fall 2021 at major retailers.

Products continue to get great feedback: Cry Babies Goodnight Starry Sky has won the prestigious National Parenting Product Awards – NAPPA 2021, which for more than 31 years has ensured that parents buy top-notch products to enjoy family time. VIP PETS has reached incredible numbers, with 1.5M units sold in the last year in the USA, in G5 and in others territories.

In addition, both CBMT / VIP PETS brands are currently on Frisbee.

On the licensing front, CBMT has new agents in Italy (ETS Licensing) and Mexico (TELEVISA).

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