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16 Aug - 2021

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Children’s audio system tonies® expands Disney range with Winnie the Pooh, Bambi, Moana and Mulan Tonies

This summer, tonies® is adding new Tonies to its extensive range of Disney licenses as it welcomes childrens’ favourites Winnie the Pooh, Bambi, Moana and Mulan to the tonies® family.

As we approach the school holidays and a summer sure to be filled with family staycations, parents will be looking for ways to keep children occupied and inspired whether at home or further afield over the coming months. The new Disney Tonies will spark children’s imagination and create wonderful memories with familiar songs and stories – all completely free of screens.

As well as encouraging independence, the magical stories told by the new Bambi and Winnie the Pooh Tonies will inspire conversations and the development of emotional bonds with parents, who will be able to share their own memories of hearing the stories for the first time. In fostering this deeper connection, tonies® keeps little ones entertained in a way that is meaningful, enriching and, most importantly, fun!

As well as the Winnie the Pooh and Bambi Tonies, tonies® is also introducing two new courageous and brave Disney Princess Tonies to its extensive range for families to enjoy this August. Both playing hit songs and telling the much-loved tales of the adventurous young female protagonists, the Moana and Mulan Disney Princess Tonies will be sure to inspire young listeners.

Pinky Laing, UK Partnerships at tonies® comments: “We are delighted to be launching our newest Disney licenses, Bambi, Winnie the Pooh, Moana and Mulan, building on the special relationship we hold with one of the world’s best-loved brands. We are so excited to bring these family favourites to life in our Tonies.

“We are dedicated to igniting the imaginations of the next generation and helping them feel inspired by the power of storytelling. Winnie the Pooh, Bambi, Moana and Mulan tell the tales of some of the most loveable characters in history: what better way to foster a lifelong love of stories than to introduce them with tonies®.”

The new additions include:

  • Disney – Winnie the Pooh

Running time: approx. 32 minutes, suitable for children aged 3+

Little ones will delight at this all-time classic written by A.A Milne, marvellous Winnie the Pooh. Listen to the tales and adventures of this loveable bear living in the hundred-acre wood with his friends Christopher Robin, Piglet, Rabbit, Eeyore and Owl and his endless quest for honey!

  • Disney – Bambi

Running time: approx. 40 minutes, suitable for children aged 3+

In this Disney classic, Bambi is a young fawn who joins his new friends, a rabbit named Thumper and a skunk named Flower, in exploring his forest home. He is chosen to become the next prince of the forest, just like his father. While growing up, he learns about friendship, love and how to protect his near and dear ones.

  • Disney – Moana

Running time: approx. 32 minutes, suitable for children aged 3+

Moana is the daughter of a village chief, chosen by the ocean to embark on an action-packed quest to save her island and her people. She sets sail to rescue the heart of goddess Te Fitti from legendary demigod, Maui. Against all odds Maui and Moana voyage together across the ocean to reunite the mystical relic with its true owner.

  • Disney – Mulan

Running time: approx. 30 minutes, suitable for children aged 3+

Join the adventures of legendary folk heroine Hua Mulan as she disguises herself as a male warrior and joins the Chinese military to prevent her sick father from being forced to enlist. Accompanied by her faithful dragon, Mushu, she helps ward off an invasion and falls in love along the way.

The new Tonies are available at selected toy retailers, bookshops and via the tonies® website www.tonies.com, RRP £14.99. The Disney Princess Tonies, Moana and Mulan, will be released and available for purchase in August.

There are two types of Tonies available:

  • Pre-recorded Tonies include both classic and contemporary tales popular bedtime songs. ‘How and Why’ Tonies also allow children to bring the magic of learning to life, with educational audio content exploring the world of horses, dinosaurs, astronauts and whales.
  • Creative-Tonies play recorded or pre-downloaded content which can be upload via the Toniecloud or the free Tonie-App. Perfect for when kids want to listen to something a little bit more personal.

The Tonies and Tonieboxes operate through a wireless digital system which connects to an NFC chip within each Tonie using Wi-Fi. Each Tonie is beautifully hand painted, making them desirable and collectable for kids.

Tonieboxes RRP £69.95, Tonies RRP £14.99, Creative-Tonies RRP £11.99

Key product details:

  • Suitable for children 3+
  • Sewn from sustainable, quality fabric
  • Portable (seven-hour battery life)
  • Can be used with headphones
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Re-chargeable
  • Robust

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