21 Jul - 2021

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New and current distribution partners bring more programs and properties to the leading kids entertainment platform

Leading kid’s entertainment streaming platform, Ameba, is adding over 3500 new programs to its catalogue of children’s entertainment available now throughout North America. The raft of new content stems from new procured partners while several new titles and properties have been added from Ameba’s existing distribution partners.

New to the platform: DandeloooChico Chica BoumbaKiwiLittle HoudiniRibbit’s Fantasy RiddlesThe Treehouse Stories  (486 episodes); Sparky AnimationJackMr. MoonOne Stormy Night (174 Episodes); One AnimationAntiksInsectiblesOddbodsRob the Robot (671 episodes); Paul Louis MillerJelly Bean Jungle (32 episodes); Media IMSunny Bunnies (214 episodes); BoatrockerRollbotsStella & SamStrange Hill High (200 episodes); Kids FirstMarblegen, Max & MaestroNate is LateRocky Kwaterner (388 episodes); Magic2mediaBitziboosHa Ha HairiesKatya and the NutcrackerMy Magic TheaterSpider! (254 episodes); Dog YearsDog Years (26 episodes)

Top industry producers boosting their kids content, continue to add more  of their programs  to Ameba’s extensive library include: ZeptolabOm Nom (more episodes) (615 episodes); Brightermoon:  (more movies) (496 episodes and feature length films); Outfit7Talking Tom (adding more episodes-389 episodes) and NELVANA returns with more content, adding over 600 new episodes of programming to the platform.

“We work hard on cultivating successful relationships with our distributors and producers,” noted Tony Havelka, CEO of Ameba. “Our partners, new and existing, quickly see the benefits of expanding their programing reach to a much broader audience; connecting with a whole new group of young viewers while finding a valuable additional revenue source.”

Ameba is the longest running streaming service devoted to providing fun and engaging children’s content. Ameba currently boasts over 14,000 titles in its library, comprising of over 2,300 hours of entertaining programs secured from top-tier providers from all over the world.  Available throughout North America, Canada and the USA, young audiences and their families can easily access Ameba on Smart TVs, Streaming Set Top Boxes, Mobile, Tablet, Web and Game Consoles.  In 2019, Ameba became the first Canadian owned Children’s Streaming service to become CAVCO approved.

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