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17 Jun - 2021

This summer is pink with Barbie and Veralab: Veralab loves Barbie, the collection of eco-friendly sunscreens to celebrate 50 years of Barbie Malibu, a self-confident and environmentally friendly woman!

Atmospheres of the American west coast and attention to the environment come together in Veralab loves Barbie, the line of eco-friendly sunscreens that Veralab, the brand that has revolutionised the cosmetics market, has created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Barbie Malibu. Barbie join forces again with Cristina Fogazzi, celebrated by the brand as Barbie Role Model 2021, to create a line of three references (Parasole 30, Parasole 50 and Doposole) to give all Barbie-Veralab lovers the chance to enjoy carefree moments in the sun, respecting the environment: Veralab loves Barbie presents, in fact, a formulation that respects the coral reef in accordance with the Hawaii Coral Treaty.

The packaging, whose graphics are dominated by pink together with the splendid first Barbie Malibu, have been produced with a view to environmental sustainability according to Veralab’s Recycle Lovers philosophy. Barbie Malibu, the undisputed star of this collaboration, is not only a strong and confident woman, an ideal that Barbie has long wanted to convey to girls so that they can be anything they want, but she is also very environmentally conscious.

Recently Mattel together with Barbie, in fact, has taken a big step forward for a more sustainable future thanks to The Future of Pink is Green campaign and the launch of the Barbie
Loves the Ocean dolls line, which includes three dolls and a Beach Kiosk playset made with up to 90% recycled plastic, collected along 50 km of waterways not covered by waste recovery.

Veralab Loves Barbie is available on the website www.veralab.it and in all Veralab stores: for those who buy the complete collection of sunscreens, a special mini beach bag is offered as a gift, to enjoy a summer full of sun, care and respect for the environment!

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