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8 Jun - 2021

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The new magazine, on newsstands from 10 June, that will drive all Lego® lovers crazy, with lots of tutorials to make your own constructions, curiosities and more! With each issue an exclusive Lego® set for free

Panini Magazines presents Lego Explorer, the new magazine dedicated to Lego® lovers and anyone who wants to get closer to the incredible world of coloured bricks. The first issue is available at newsstands from Thursday 10 June and will include a mini set to build a lively Lego® Parrot.

Each issue of Lego Explorer is divided into different thematic areas, including Science (with some extraordinary curiosities about animals and their respective Lego® transformations), Engineering (for incredible challenges to be carried out using only 6 bricks), Art (in the first issue all the instructions to design your own tree house) and many others, which brick by brick will keep readers glued to the pages.

What makes Lego Explorer unique is that real Lego designers reveal tricks of the trade and tips directly from their own experience in the field. Each column is enriched with the words of Lego Model Designers who will accompany readers with advice and tutorials, to give life to the most fun and original sets, using both the pieces at their disposal and those given free with each issue. In the first issue, for example, Lego Designer Nina Koopman will explain how the idea of building the Lego® Parrot came about, with instructions attached.

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