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3 Jun - 2021

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LM interviewed Guillem Rey, Managing Director at Caravanserai Partners to learn more on the agency’s portfolio, strategy e novelties

Following the expertise and seniorship of its founders, Caravanserai aims to have an innovative approach to the licensing business, with new ideas for the future of the brands they represent. Based in Spain but with an international management.

LM interviewed Guillem Rey, Managing Director at Caravanserai Partners to learn more on the agency’s portfolio, strategy e novelties.

LM. Can you tell us more on Caravanserai? What do you offer, and which are your services? And the add values of your agency?

GR. Caravanserai represents the evolution of licensing after 30 years of experience in Southern Europe. We have a new challenging world in front of us and we simply try to bring solutions and answers to the customers and consumers according to their needs. We have moved from a mainly based BTB model to a BTC focus and we intend to be consequent with this new environment. Combining experience and youth, knowhow and new ideas by working with classic and new brands we look after the balance for our licensees and licensors. We deliver one to one solution, because global answers do not solve local problems. We ensure close contact with our partners and permanent flow of information on social media to grant media coverage.

LM. Which IPs do you represent and for which territories?

GR. Less is more and so, our portfolio is limited to those international brands that we can manage personally and can grant results for a long period of time. We do manage different kind of properties: From evergreen characters like the fashion icons Popeye, Olive Oyl and Flash Gordon, the worldwide known book Little Prince or the Dutch design icon Miffy, to brands coming from a digital world like the number one online trivia game Preguntados, the leading cooking platform Chefclub and the top E-Sports club Team Heretics. From the spectacular imagery the International Space Archives to the all baby born must have Sophie la Girafe, not forgetting the classic geniuses from literature and architecture, Shakespeare and Gaudí.

We are based in Spain and Portugal, but we also operate in Italy and Asia Pacific through associates.

LM. Which are your latest novelties?

GR. Team Heretics is our newest partner together with Cuphead. Team Heretics is the world largest Spanish speaking e-sports team, and we are proud to team up with them to develop their licensing program. It is also a consequence of a new market that has exploded giving visibility to an enormous target audience who lives in a different world. Wait and see….

Cuphead is the highly successful, award winning triple platinum video game inspired by cartoons of the 1930s.

LM. Which will be your plans for the second half of this year and the next future?

GR. Our priority is to help our licensees to recover from these 18 months tremendous gap and make the transition to this new world where all the rules have been modified. 2021 is almost over for most of our licensees and we are mainly focused on 2022 when we all expect consumers will be able to recover their normal living.

For any further information visit their social media profiles and website.

Website : http://www.caravanserai.eu
Instagram : @caravanserai.eu
Twitter : @caravanseraiP
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/caravanserai-partners

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